Technical Support


Migration from TEPS(64)


Upgrading From TEPS(32)

Exisiting TEPS X Share installations should be backed up and archived in a safe area before installing TEPS TRIPRISM. Rebuilding TEPS(64) has been a long journey that has involved re-imagining the experience.
ALL existing templates, chromakey templates, nodes, and graphics will need to be re-created.

New Application

One of the first things you should know about TEPS TriPrism, is that the application suite is completely different than older versions. Unlike previous iterations of TEPS X Share, this application has been fully reimagined and completely rebuit. Many of the older methods of doing things no longer exist due to changes by Apple and other vendors. When you begin to transition to TEPs TriPrism from having used TEPS X Share, it's best to think of the software as being completely different instead of a continuation of previous versions.

Folder Structure

Once you install TEPS Triprism, you'll notice that the TEPs folders are now located in a different location.

Due to changes with macOS operating system, TEPS files and folders are now located in the Shared users folder.

Please note: directly editing files in this location can cause issues. Please keep a regular backup of this folder in the event you need to restore your files.


Templates, ChromaKey Templates, Nodes

In TEPS X Share, we used terms like Templates, ChromaKey Templates, and Nodes to describe various template components. However, we found that these terms were incomplete and confusing.

With TEPS TriPrism, we introduce new terms that more accurately describe what each component does.
PREVIEW TEMPLATE What you see on the screen when you're looking at images.
PRINT TEMPLATE What the canvas looks at when it's going to the printer.
NODES Small components that can make up re-usable snipbits to make creating templates easier.


TEPS TriPrism works best when overlays are .PNG format.
PCT files are officially discontinued by Apple, and PSD files with the inverse alpha channel are no longer valid.

Activating TEPS

Currently, all activation for TEPS TRIPRISM occurs on the server side. You will need to contact TriPrism support to activate, deactive, or change licenses.