Completely unique imaging solution

Event Photography

TriPrism will fulfill all of your imaging needs

Don't limit yourself any longer with digital photography providers that can't support your large requirements. Let TriPrism create an on-site, full-service imagining solution for all of your events. TriPrism Digital Imaging Services will bring the photo lab to you. Our full-service imaging systems are the highest in quality, portable and are easily installed in the smallest of areas, supporting any activity of any size, in any location.

We will work from start to finish to create a completely unique solution to imaging services for your event. From one of a kind name badges, to interactive entertainment studios, TriPrism will fulfill all of your imaging needs on site immediately. No more waiting for proofs, film processing or image production.

The TriPrism team of technology and operation professionals will work with you to create unique imaging products and services that will greatly enhance your event.