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PT CheckOut

Sell images online during and after the event!
PT CheckOut
We offer a full-featured shopping cart, and digital download redemption site that allows you to sell your photos and personalized photo merchandise online and quickly delivery customer's digital images from onsite or online!

Introducing TriPrism’s PT CheckOut

In addition, we offer a full-featured shopping cart to sell your photos and personalized photo merchandise online! Compliment your customers' experience and offer post-event sales with PT CheckOut. Equipped with enhanced electronic reports, PT CheckOut seamlessly integrates with TriPrism applications like TEPS TriPrism, Bamboo, and TEPS-Video, and TEPS-RainDrops.

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TriPrism's online services allow you to replace traditional USB's and CD/DVD's with a modern digital delivery system. As more and more people rely on their cell phones and hand-held digital devices, CD's, DVD's, and USB's have become legacy devices. Digital delivery is the perfect alternative that allows your customers to download directly from a branded microsite.
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Individual Log-In

Provide your guest ease of mind with their individual gallery to shop for their photos.

Capture Emails

Grow your email marketing by encouraging your customers to sign up for emails. Increase your customer relationship management database!

Sell Green Screen Photos Online

Upload your green screen photos online and allow your customers to choose their backgrounds and adjust their photos.

Cross-Platform Compatible

With a fully responsive website design; customers can order anywhere. Sell to all customers online using their device, whether at home or on the go!

Social Sharing Options

Allow your customers to share their photos on major social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest!

Pick Up In Store

Allow your customers to order online and "Pick Up In Store." Using this option, a customer can order online, and through the power of Bamboo, the order can print automatically in store.

Automated Digital Delivery

Once purchased, digital images can be are automatically delivered to your customer.

Detailed Reports

Check and see how many photos were uploaded and from where. You can also track social engagement. If you choose, you can also receive daily sales reports by location.

Order Fulfillment

When customers place orders online, the orders can be fulfilled either by your company directly or by using PhotoTouch Fulfillment - or a combination of both.

Self Fulfillment

When customers place orders online, you will receive an email confirmation indicating an order has been placed. We'll also send you (or your designated individual) an email that includes details of the order and a link to the High Resolution image that can be used to fulfill orders. This information can also be accessed through your online portal; where you manage the orders directly.

PhotoTouch (PT) Fulfillment

Using PT Fulfillment, our friendly and efficient team will take care of filling your orders. PT CheckOut allows you to sell prints, photo products, and digital photos online and our team takes care of production and printing your order. From photo prints, photo puzzles, mugs, custom media formats and more, PT CheckOut allows you to expand your product offering beyond your event. Enhance your post sale revenue while offering products your customers love with PT CheckOut.



Fulfilling orders on your behalf


To compliment your customers' experience, facilitate email for digital image delivery, and provide enhanced electronic reports we have developed specific digital download versions of the site. When a customer purchases a digital download at your location; you can upload photos to our digital redemption section of the site. Here, customers are able view, share, and download their photos. We can optionally turn on a hybrid version of our system where you can still offer additional products for customers to purchase online as well!

Secure Log-In

Allow your customer's to receive their digital images by email securely using a photo code.

Social Sharing

Allow your customers to view, share, and download your photos from a branded MicroSite. Equipped with social sharing for major social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest!

Email Photos to friends

Allow your customers to share their photos to friends and family directly from the website. Not only a tool for your users, you also get brand recognition on your branded MicroSite!

Fully Responsive by design

With increasing numbers of visitors turning to smart phones as their primary source to browse the web; your customers can easily navigate the digital download on any device!

Branded Layout

Brand regonition is important! That's why we allow you to update your site's look and feel by added custom banners, backgrounds, social sharing buttons, and even custom html.

Performance Reports

See your social engagement at a glance. With our reports page, you're able to easily able to see how many photos were uploaded, downloaded, and shared!

Customer Support Portal

Technical Support

Are you looking for a solution to handle your customer service requests? Our online platform has an integrated online customer service portal. Your customer service agents are able to log in and keep track of all your requests. Alternatively, we can point any customer service links directly to your website instead.

PT CheckOut allows you to sell print and digital photos online. From photo prints, photo puzzles, mugs, custom media formats and more, PT CheckOut allows you to expand your product offering beyond your event. Enhance your post sale revenue while offering products your customers love with PT CheckOut..