Solutions: Studio Photography

Studio Photography

Individuals, Families, Pets, and more!

TriPrism's software is to be quick to set up, easy to use, and highly customizeable. Our software can easily be used in the studio to capture, preview, and print photos!

TEPS X Share

Capture, Preview, and Print!

Using TEPS X Share, you're able to easily capture the photos, render images with an overlay, quickly adjust the photo, and compose the image to be previewed or printed.


In a static production environment, we recommend using our built-in direct connect method using either a Canon or Nikon cameras. You can also use a hot-folder method of your choice or camera cards.

Quickly adjust the photo before composing; shift, zoom, minor color adjustments!

Printing is made easy with TEPS. Print a single image or complete packages of multiple prints!

PT CheckOut

Order Online and Pickup In Store

With PT CheckOut, you can upload the images for web. Allow your customers to preview their images online and pick up in store! Then customers can view and order their photos directly from the web!


Provide your guest ease of mind with their individual gallery to shop for their photos.

Allow your customers to order online and "Pick Up In Store." Using this option, a customer can order online, and through the power of Bamboo, the order can print automatically in store.

Allow your customers to share their photos on major social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest!

PT MicroSite

Deliver purchased images and videos with an email

Use PT MicroSite to digitally deliver your customer's HiRes digital download images.

You can even send your customers a link directly to their email.


Allow your customer's to receive their digital images by email securely using a photo code.

Allow your customers to view, share, and download your photos from a custom branded MicroSite.

With increasing numbers of visitors turning to smart phones as their primary source to browse the web; your customers can easily navigate the digital download on any device!

Recommended Software

TEPS X Share
PT CheckOut

The TEPS-X Portrait and Event workflow software is designed for professional photographers seeking digital technology solutions to expedite the process of delivering their products and services to their customers. TEPS-X is quick to set-up, easy to use, and it is designed to work with virtually any combination of digital cameras and printers.