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Preview & Print from almost any device
Bamboo, is a powerful compliment to your photo operation by adding the ability to preview and print from an iPad or other tablet device on the local network.

Introducing TriPrism’s Bamboo

Bamboo allows photographers to capture email addresses for photo registration or marketing, print online photo orders automatically, and seamlessly pass along pre-registered orders from select booking services.

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Bamboo is quick to set-up, easy to use, and it is designed to be a rapid preview and print station to keep your photo operation moving!
Easy to Use
Easy to setup
Easy to learn
Extremely Configurable

Capture Emails

Allow your guest to register their email address for digital delivery or email marketing! Grow your CRM list while adding value to your photo experience.

Preview Images

Allow customers to remotely view their photos and select their favorites! We even offer a kiosk mode where customers can select their entire package.

Shift & Zoom

Quickly adjust the photo before printing, shift, zoom, minor color adjustments!

Print the Photo

Select the size and number of prints to be printed right from the iPad!

Print on site!

Print a single image or complete packages of multiple prints! If you have PT CheckOut, you can also offer 'Pick Up in store' allowing your customers to order online, and pick up on site.

Any Device

You can preview and print from almost any device connected to the internet!

Bamboo is a great sales tool for Teps-X Share or Teps-X Triprism. You can allow your customer to order from a tablet device, or you can step out from behind the counter and show your photos directly to your customers. Interested in learning more?.