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Our fastest and most efficient version yet.
We're working on a brand new experience from the ground up! TEPS v17 was a culmination of over 25 years of code, development, and ideas brought about by your input. However, in 2018 when Apple announced the end of 32 bit support, that meant that all the hard work and attention of our older code needed to be re-created and reformated in a newer code base.

Introducing TriPrism’s TEPS TRIPRISM

We are excited to share with you the latest in TEPS. Re-built from the ground up, TEPS TriPrism brings a brand-new, reimagined experience to TEPS.

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Image Aquisition

Direct Connect - Canon Cameras

Select Canon Cameras have the ability to interface directly with TEPS through the use of our proprietary Nikon Capture Application. Our application allows you to control the camera directly from the computer.

Direct Connect - Nikon Cameras

Select Nikon Cameras have the ability to interface directly with TEPs through the use of our proprietary Nikon Capture Application. Our application allows you to control the camera directly from the computer.

Camera Hot Folder

Use third-party software, or an FTP app (like TriPrism's PhotoTouch + app) to save your images to a camera hot-folder. From there, TEPS can automatically pick up the images into TEPS.

Use Any Camera

Cameras that use Camera PC cards (such as SD / XD cards) are able to load TEPS directly to TEPs by using camera PC cards. Simply insert the card and TEPS can load your images.

Image Preview

Preview from TEPS

Preview your images directly from TEPS.

Shift & Zoom

Quickly adjust the photo before printing! Shift and zoom by either using the built-in tools, or by using your mouse to click and drag or use the scroll to adjust zoom!

Minor Color Adjustments

You can quickly make minor color adjustments such as: Red, Green, Blue, Hue, Saturation, Brightness, Contrast, Exposure, Gamma, and Sharpness!

Preview Images in multiple colors

With TEPS, you can preview images Sepia, Black & White, Vintage, Old Time Color, and variations of each! This gives you the ability to add filters to your images before you print the images. Pictured here is our new "Vintage" option.

Green Screen Photography

Green Screen

Quickly clean up Green Screen images! Choose between two different methods, and apply quick crop, exclusion, and inclusion boxes to the photo!

Enhanced Chromakey

You can use blue screen or green screen technology!

Printing Images

Easy Printing

Print a single image or complete packages of multiple prints!

You can even setup packages to automatically print on return to main menu, when starting a new customer, or when a new image drops into the preview window

Print to File

Save the image to file. You can save composed images for Digital Upload to PT CheckOut or PT MicroSite. Or you can save the images to pre-set file paths for batch printing later.

Print to DNP Printers

TEPS64 supports printing to DNP Printers including the DNP DS40, DNP DS80, DNP DS620, and DNP DS820

Use Any Printer

As long as there is a Macintosh driver, you can use your printer! With TEPS(64) you can even send to printers

Template Creation

New Template Editor

We have completely reimagined the template creator, eliminating the complexity of Nodes, Templates, ChromaKey Templates! We also simplified the process with a Template Creator that can create either "Preview Templates" or "Print Templates"

Add Overlays

You can add logos or full borders to your photos!

Editable Templates

Configurable templates for previewing and printing photos!

Save Pre-Configured Colors to Templates

Save various color options directly to the template. Choose from Color, Sepia, Black and White, Vintage, or Old Time Color, and more!

Modify your templates

Add stamp objects, editable text, permanent text and more. You can customize preview and print templates with images, text, qr codes, and more!


The features listed below are not yet supported. However, are planned to be released before the software becomes "Beta"

Easily Change Backgrounds

Give your customers choices with multiple backgrounds!

We have added this request to our feature road map and will update this page when available.

SERVICES: Technical Support

Technical Support

Our friendly and efficient customer service team responds promptly for service calls over the phone or through email. Often times, we are able to respond to calls within 15 minutes or less and emails within a few hours! Our support team is available for both phone and email support, for technicial issue, consultations, and training.



9am - 5pm Pacific Time (USA)

The TEPS-X Portrait and Event workflow software is designed for professional photographers seeking digital technology solutions to expedite the process of delivering their products and services to their customers. TEPS-X is quick to set-up, easy to use, and it is designed to work with virtually any combination of digital cameras and printers.