Dramatically increase your product exposure

Corporate Event Services

Proprietary imaging technology, innovative product development, and post event marketing services.

For the corporate event planner, TriPrism will change the way that photo services impacts any event or promotional activity. Our goal is to dramatically increase your product exposure by using our state of the art proprietary imaging technology, innovative photo product development and exciting post event marketing services.

Imagine developing a "thirty-city" product introduction event for a major client using interactive high-volume on-site digital photography. All photos are shot and delivered instantly with tailored logos and company branding on every image. Now imagine doing all thirty of those cities simultaneously!

If that's not enough, how about E-mailing each of those images in the form of a personnel memo to two friends of each person photographed. As the E-mails are received and opened, they are instantly linked directly back into your clients web site, tripling the product exposure to a tailored market segment. All of this developed and executed completely by TriPrism Digital Imaging Services.

One Provider… Multiple Products… Endless Opportunity… Exciting Results!