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Digital Event & Portrait Photography Software
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Digital Event & Portrait Photography Software


Preview and Print from almost any device!


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TriPrism’s software enhances workflow, delivers new products and services, and adds value to the finished product
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Digital Photography Solutions

System integration, engineering services, and custom photography software.
TriPrism, Inc. is the unmatched leader in providing digital photography solutions for the Apple/Macintosh-based platform.

As the unmatched leader in providing system integration, engineering services, and custom software for Apple/Macintosh-based digital photography solutions, TriPrism, Inc. offers solutions for digital imaging customers through the integration of the best imaging products and optimized software.

Established, longtime relationships with digital imaging giants have positioned TriPrism to provide the greatest flexibility and broadest choice of systems integration options to photographers in every market segment.


Our software is designed to be easy to use; easy to train, and highly customizeable to meet the needs of your event.

Capture Photos!

Print Immediately!

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Our Software

Our Software is quick to set-up, easy to use, and it is designed to work with virtually any combination of digital cameras and printers.

TriPrism Software Suite

Learn about our most comprehensive software solution! Bundle all the software for one affordable rate.

Our Services

Full Service Portrait & Event Photography Innovations.

TriPrism Digital Imaging Services is the first "full service" event photographic company of its kind. As a leader in digital imaging software and system development for the past 10 years, TriPrism, Inc. has been instrumental in creating digital photo services nationally for a number of high-volume amusement imaging companies. We have combined our development experience and advanced technological background with a multi-talented operations staff to become the most innovative imaging and digital support company today.

Branded Photo Advertising

Want to take your brand or event to the next level? We can help. Our fully customizable system can be tailored to meet the needs of your company. We feel Photo Advertising and Marketing is an integral part to branding your event or organization.

Imaging Consulting Services

TriPrism can assist you in creating a digital photographic facility with state of the art imaging systems and technology. We are a full service digital imaging company, offering computer imaging software, operations consulting and technical support services.

Engineering Services

TriPrism can create a full-service imagining solution, including custom software, for all of your events. Our full-service imaging systems are portable, easily installed in the smallest of areas, supporting an event of any size.


With almost three decades in service, TriPrism has gained considerable expertise in digital photography solutions. We can be your imaging partner, assisting you in making your workflow, software, and hardware more efficient, and your operation more profitable.

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