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An Overview

TEPS is consists of four main applications:

  • TEPS TriPrism
  • TEPS Processor
  • TEPS Print Center
  • TEPS Http Uploader

TEPS TriPrism is the primary interface used when capturing, previewing, and pringing photos.

TEPS Processor is responsible for compiling packages, canvases, graphics, and images into a finished file to be printed locally or a finalized digital image.

TEPS Print Center handles all tasks as it pertains to printing to DNP printers.

TEPS Http Uploader uploads images to TriPrism web services for customer to view, download, or order additional copies.

TEPS TriPrism • Start Up Window

As an operator, most of your work is accomplished through TEPS TriPrism using one of the following categories

  • Start Sitting
  • Preview Images
  • Edit Tempaltes
  • Open Preferences

Start Sitting is used when you are capturing or importing new images into the system. This creates a new 'session' where you load images from Camera Card, HotFolder, using TriPrism's direct tether applications such as TEPS CanonCapture or TEPS NikonCapture applications

Preview Images allows you to recall previously captured images, to preview or print additional copies or make additional edits to the images.

Edit Templates allows you to create or edit preview or print templates.

Open Preferences allows you to customize features of the software to match your use case.

TEPS TriPrism • Operations Window

Navigation buttons are enabled in preferences under the "Operations Window" tab. Towards the bottom there is a check mark "Show Navigation Buttons." Once enabled, you will see the following options:

  • Move to the End
  • Move to the Start
  • Move to the right one page
  • Move to the left one page
  • Add additional images from folder
  • Jump to a specific image number

Preview Templates

Clear Canvas

Kiosk Buttons

Shift, Zoom, and Color Adjustments

TEPS TriPrism • Preview & Print Templates

Preview Templates show you a visibile preview of your image on the screen.

Print Templates determine your print canvas size and how many preview templates to set on to the canvas.

TEPS TriPrism • Workflow

Once you press the print button in TEPS, the image is picked up by the TEPS Processor for any shift / zoom / color adjustments, added graphics or text layers, and paired with it's matching output canvas for the final print. Then the image is moved to either the PrintCenter to be printed or the Http Uploader for customers to view online.