Solutions: Old Time Photography

Old Time Photography

Creating Memories of a lifetime, from a previous lifetime!

Old Time Photography is a fun and exciting way for customers to capture a memory to hang and display on their wall!

This fast-paced photography style is complimented with TriPrism's software to help quickly change image colors, print various canvas types, and deliver a finished print in seconds.

TEPS X Share

Capture, Preview, and Print

Using TEPS X Share, you're able to easily capture the photos, render images with an overlay, quickly adjust the photo, and compose the image to be previewed or printed.


Using a card reader you can use any camera to capture photos! We also offer solutions for direct connect using Canon and Nikon cameras!

Pre-set color configurations make showing photos a breeze! change Color to Sepia, Black and White, or Old Time Color!

With TEPS software you can create configurable templates for previewing and printing photos!

TEPS Video

Make the visit Extra Special

Tep Video has the ability to interface with TEPS. Once you start the sitting, you can start recording the customer's visit. This allows you to capture the video, audio, and the still photos of the event. Add a new dimension by 'capturing the memory in motion!'


Add custom lead in and lead out promotional segments for your customers to have added to their video.

Allow your customer to view their video on site. If they like it, you can upload your customer's video directly to web!

Take the experience event further and capture both audio and video recorded for the special moments.

PT CheckOut

Order Online and Pickup In Store

With PT CheckOut, you can upload all your images to web! Allow your customers to preview and order their images online! We even offer an option for customers to pick up in store!


Provide your guest ease of mind with their individual gallery to shop for their photos.

Grow your email marketing by encouraging your customers to sign up for emails. Increase your customer relationship management database!

With our detailed reports you can check to see how many photos were uploaded and from where. You can also track social engagement.

PT MicroSite

Deliver purchased images and videos with an email

Use PT MicroSite to digitally deliver your customer's HiRes digital download images. Most digital traffic is on mobile devices or tablets - making flash drives and CD's obsolete. Digital delivery allows your customers to quickly download their images on almost any device!


Allow your customer's to receive their digital images by email securely using a photo code.

Allow your customers to view, share, and download your photos from a custom branded MicroSite.

Brand regonition is important! That's why we allow you to update your site's look and feel by added custom banners, backgrounds, social sharing buttons, and even custom html.

Recommended Software

TEPS X Share
TEPS Video
PT CheckOut
PT MicroSite

Photography Only Solution

TEPS X Share
PT CheckOut
PT MicroSite

The TEPS-X Portrait and Event workflow software is designed for professional photographers seeking digital technology solutions to expedite the process of delivering their products and services to their customers. TEPS-X is quick to set-up, easy to use, and it is designed to work with virtually any combination of digital cameras and printers.