Who We Are

About Us

"The Wizards of Digital Photography."

Since its inception in 1993, TriPrism, Inc. has specialized in being on the forefront of Digital Imaging Technology.

Drawing from their experience as pioneer leaders in the Sony Electronics Photography and Publishing Division, the TriPrism partners have combined each of their unique talents to create a consortium of some of the best minds in digital imaging. It is this combination of talents that has propelled TriPrism to be one of the top firms in digital photography and software today.

It is not just innovative technology that has made TriPrism an industry leader, it is also the company’s customer-focused attitude of service. By choosing to make their customers active participants in crafting product improvements, TriPrism has generated new interests and unmatched customer loyalty. TriPrism’s growth and success is due to the belief that when customers succeed, everyone benefits.

With a proven and easily customized suite of imaging hardware and software, TriPrism allows customers to easily start and maintain profitable digital solutions for most any need.

With all this and more to offer, it is no wonder the staff of TriPrism has become known as "The Wizards of Digital Photography."