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TriPrism’s software enhances workflow, delivers new products and services, and adds value to the finished product


Our most comprehensive software solution! Bundle all the software for one affordable rate.
Increase your productivity and delight your customers!

Capture Photos

Our software includes multiple ways to capture photos! Direct connect, Hot Folder, or Camera Card Reader!

Print Immediately

Your customer doesn't have to wait! Use virutually any printer to provide prints to your customer immediately!

Easy To Use Tools

Quick tools at your fingertips! Zoom, Shift, color adjustment, Green Screen knock-out and more!

Upload to Web

Upload your photos for your customers to view and share online! Your customers can share their photos on major social media channels!

TriPrism Software Suite

Catalog of Software

Access TriPrism's entire catalog of software including mobile and productivity apps!


With almost three decades in service, TriPrism has gained considerable expertise in digital photography solutions.
We continue to listen to our customer feedback to grow and develop our software to meet your needs


System integration, engineering services, and custom photography software.
TriPrism, Inc. is the unmatched leader in providing digital photography solutions for the Apple/Macintosh-based platform.

As the unmatched leader in providing system integration, engineering services, and custom software for Apple/Macintosh-based digital photography solutions, TriPrism, Inc. offers solutions for digital imaging customers through the integration of the best imaging products and optimized software.

Established, longtime relationships with digital imaging giants have positioned TriPrism to provide the greatest flexibility and broadest choice of systems integration options to photographers in every market segment.


We can be your imaging partner, assisting you in making your workflow, software, and hardware more efficient, and your operation more profitable.

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