TriPrism, Inc

Camera Troubleshooting

When I take picture, I keep getting red eye. What should I do to correct it?

  1. You should adjust the height of your flash unit. Usually raising it will solve the problem. Some cameras without anti-aliasing filters (e.g. the Kodak DCS 315) can sometimes give you red eye and unfortunately there's not much you can do except adjust the angle and height of the flash unit to overcome patterns or red eye.

I'm direct connect and when I click Start Sitting I get the message, "Cannot Find Camera Unit."

TEPS has lost communication with the camera. There's no single reason this would happen. Various factors could play a part in loss of communication; a disconnected cable, power fluctuations, or the camera not turned on or not plugged in. If this happens, follow these steps:

  1. 1) If you're in the Operation Window you will need to Return to Main and quit TEPS
    • If you're at the main window (with the 4 buttons, Start Sitting, Preview Image, etc), then quit TEPS.
  2. Unplug the camera cable, the power adapter cable (or battery)
  3. Count to 15
  4. Plug your camera cable, power adapter (or battery) cables back in
  5. Launch TEPS
  6. Click Start Sitting

When I start sitting with direct connect and my camera connected, TEPS Quits Unexpectedly or gives a strange error message

This often happens when a camera PC card is in the Camera. Try to remove the Camera PC card and try again. Alternatively, if no camera PC card is in the camera, try using a camera card.