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Alpha Release Software Notice

Important note about Alpha release software: Alpha Release software is actively being developed. It is incomplete or partially complete. This software is being updated on a regular basis. Features may come and go throughout development. This is not an indication of a finished product.
Upgrading From TEPS(32)

Exisiting TEPS X Share installations should be backed up and archived in a safe area before installing TEPS TRIPRISM. Rebuilding TEPS(64) has been a long journey that has involved re-imagining the experience.
ALL existing templates, chromakey templates, nodes, and graphics will need to be re-created.

Downloading & Installing TEPS

Download or Upgrade

Apple's Gatekeeper
May Prevent Installation

First Time Opening
Right Click and Open

About the Installer & How to Upgrade

Installing TEPS?
Installation Information

Upgrading TEPS?
Installation Information

Preparing for Operations

Prepare your Dock
Place TEPS Applications in the dock

If you use your computer mainly for TEPS, we recommending dragging TEPS-X Share, TEPS Processor Share, and the TEPS Print Center Share to the dock for easy access.

Launch Helper App
Launch Helper app one time

If you use direct connect through the TEPS Canon Capture app or the TEPS Nikon Capture app, you should launch the app one time initially after installation.

Turn off Photos App
Prevent Photos app from Opening

When you insert a PC card or connect a camera, Apple's "Photos" app attempts to capture the input. To avoid this, we can help you turn off the ImageCapture plugin.

Activating TEPS

Currently, all activation for TEPS TRIPRISM occurs on the server side. You will need to contact TriPrism support to activate, deactive, or change licenses.