TEPS-2000 Ver7.xx Read Me
TEPS-2000 Software Notes

Warning! The TEPS-2000 preferences will be updated. If yoursettings are extremely important we recommend you do not replace theoriginal preference file during installation If you find you arehaving problems and using extremely old preferences you may have totrash your preferences in your System Folder and go through settingup your preferences from scratch.

Please Note: Password default is " TRIPRISM "

Note: If you are using internet upload withTEPS-2000 you must install the MRJ 2.2 Files ( Mac RuntimeJava ) To do this go to the root directory of the TEPS-2000 CD andfind the MRJ 2.2 Folder. Open the folder and double click on " MRJ2.2.smi " This will mount a volume on your desktop called MRJInstall. Open the disk and double click on the " Installer" andfollowing the install instrucions. After you are done then take theImageUploader.jar 7/10/00 file supplied in the MRJ Folder onthe TEPS-2000 disk and copy it to the MRJClasses folder in theMRJ Libraries folder in the extensions folder within the SystemFolder.

NEW Ver 7.4.8 B31Fixes some minor displayproblems.

Ver 7.4.8B29Fixes when you double click thumbnail andget wrong preview (black image) and black image in Image Previewwindow with Kodak cameras.

Ver 7.4.8 B28 Fixes What? error with8660 Kodak printer so it works with Firmware version

1.1 Ver 7.4.8 �27 Filtering bad e-mailaddresses. Try to fix Kodak camera

Ver 7.4.8 �26 Fixes KodaK DCS-560& DCS-660 File Opening Problems. Preview picture without crashingwith the DCS 560 camera.Custom Server Copy - shows correct mode inoperation window.

Ver 7.4.8�25With the new Kodak SDK the TEPS-2000 cannot open DCS-560 or 660 images or be direct connect. This is beingresearched now. When doing color correction you must make all youradjustments first and then hit apply. Fixes a bug on rare occasionswhen in Drag n Drop you get a Pix Map error.

Ver 7.4.8�23Fixes Sony UP-D70A lockup problems. Noteif you are using the Nikon D1 with the FireWire connection pleaseselect the JPEG file input in your preferences and use the Hot foldermode. Also note that the D1 camera sleep mode should be set to themax. time.

Ver 7.4.8�22Fixes Sony UP-D70A lockupproblems.

Ver 7.4.8 �19 NEW Added newKodak SDK 1.6.2 equivalent to host Software ver. 5.9.3 Thiswill allow better interface for FireWire on all new Macintoshes. Youmust also update your firmware on your camera as per the newest onKodak web site.

Ver 7.4.8 �18 NEW Fixedinterface on pointing to a folder on a PCMCIA card created from on aNikon D1 camera.

Ver 7.4.8 �15 NEW support forOrange Micro FireWire to SCSI adaptor ( Note when using this mode the adaptor transferspeed is decreased and does not yet support Kodak Printers). NEWKiosk mode for easy interface with simple package buttons for printselections.. NEW low resolution thunmbnail selections in Images boxesfor Kodak camera input to allow for faster and easy proofing sheets.Improved Interface with Sony UP-D70A printer to reducelock-ups.

Ver 7.4.8 �9 New Kiosk feature forTouch Screen Interface.

Ver 7.4.8 �7 Fixes additional Kodak86XX series multiple printer interface.

Ver 7.4.8 �5 Fixes loading and savingpreference feature.

Ver 7.4.8 �4 Improved Kodak 86XXseries multiple printer interface. Improved internetinterface. Ver 7.4.8 �1 Improved internetinterface when in the Hot Folder Mode. When in hot folder mode a newpreference has been added to allow the newest image loaded into thehot folder to also load to the single preview screen. Improvedopening of TIFF files. When using Color Sync in backround printingimprove speed performance.

Ver7.4.7 Fixes Time Date Rubber Stamp.Allow to print automatically with when going to Chooser driverwithout having to enter any keystrokes in the Chooser print menu..Polling is enabled only for Hot Folder Mode. Fuji Pictography 4000printer improved paper size support. Allows you to now use 10 x 12paper.

Ver7.4.6b5 Fixes thumbnails previewing inhot folder mode when using with the Fuji DS-300/330 cameras directconnect. Also fixes Chooser Output Canvas DPI to match the outputprinter.

Ver7.4.5 Locks Preferences file to reducechances of corrupted preferences. Add additional InternetCommunications. ( Not for use Yet ) Ver7.4.3Fixes rotation problems when in Drag nDrop mode and Input

is set to Kodak Camera or File and you jump toPhotoshop and back.

Ver7.4.2Allows you to edit Kodak Images inPhotoShop 5.5 when input is set to Kodak direct connect. Allows Hotfolder to operate with large amount of files in folder.

Ver7.4.1 Added Internet input of E-mailaddresses to be saved with image captured. Not available for allmarkets. Please contact TriPrism for further information at858-675-7552 or E-mail Also fixes Fuji DS-330direct connect saving file error.

Ver7.4 Improved Hot Folder Mode. Allows youto double click on image in Drag in Drop mode to enlarge even if youare zooming or shifting image. Improved memory flushing.Improvedspooler interface with SCSI printers.

Ver7.3 Improves Hot Folder refreshing time.Fixes Print Spooler folder pointer.

Ver7.2.9Improved screen display of PICT files.Fixes Sony Lamination default to on all the time even if TEPS-2000preference selected not to use lamination.

Ver7.2.8 More efficient memorymanagement. Also fixes the TEPS-2000 Icon. Note:If the TEPS-2000 Icon is not the imageof the wizard after you install the software then you should rebuildyour desktop.

Ver7.2.7 Adds Page Up &Page Down Buttons in operations window. Fixes additional memoryleaks

Ver7.2.4 Fixes memory leak causingintermittent out of memory errors.We recommend any customers usingany ver of 7.xx to update to ver 7.2.4 or above

Ver7.2.2 Fixes unmounting USBvolumes & Copy to Print Spooler command


NEW Beginner & Expert Mode.

NEW New Generic Input to allow for auto open multiple fileformats if QuickTime is installed "except Kodak Tiff images"

NEW Added password protect for preferences NEW Guide marks to allow easier creation of templates

NEW Preview Images button now allows you to open either afolder or multiple files easily

NEW Automatically remembers default folder for saving orretrieving images.

NEW Allows user to remove files from operation windowwithout deleting originals.

NEW Cropping marks added for single preview mode to allowphotographer to capture image correctly for cropping of 5x7 or 8x10aspect ratio.

NEW Opening multiple folders or Images from the sameoperations window.

NEW Easier to create templates without creating nodes.

NEW easier to edit nodes and templates showing layers.

NEW Easier thumbnail scrolling feature.

NEW Allows you to download KODAK DCS-XXX firmware fromTEPS-2000 utilities via direct connect.

NEW Allow user to rename filename. NEW Supports Kodak equivalent of Host Software ver 5.8.2and support the latest Kodak Firmware as of 2/20/2000. SDK Kit usedis 1.5.2r4 NEW Jump feature allows you to jump to and from AdobePhotoShop 5.5 and above for easiy editing of images .

After installing TEPS-2000 on your computer you mustRe-boot.

If you are using a Kodak Camera DCS-xxx then you must firstupdate your firmware for that model camera.

To do this go to the CD. Open the folder called Kodak stuff. Intheir there are two folders called: DCS Host Software [ this folder contains the new Acquiremodule that will support your new firmware. ]

Kodak Firmware Folder [ This folder contains folders for thespecific models of the Kodak DCS-xxx cameras you own. You should openthe folder of your model camera and follow the read me text first onhow to upgrade your specific cameras firmware. ]

If you are using the NEW Blue G3 or G4 ONLY you must alsoupdate the Firewire Drivers 2.1 or above

Please open the FireWire folder and doubleclick on the " Mac OSInstall " icon and follow the installation instructions. Do notupdate to FireWire 2.1 unless you are using the Blue G3. or G4

Ver. History

Ver 3.1 Now allows you to save all your preferences to a seperatefile in which you may retrieve for later use. We suggest you do thisevery time you update your preferences and canvas's in case you loseor have a crash.

Ver 3.5 The DCS-315 is now supported as of 5/19/99 on the BlueG3's. You must update your firmware to ver. 1.3.2. . See Kodak StuffFolder on this CD or go to the Kodak WEB site for the newest updates:[

Ver 5.5 Allows you to create templates with editable text that cangive the operator the chance to edit the text string from theoperation window. Ver 6.0.7 Packaging & Editable Text is now available. Nowsupports the NEW Kodak DCS-330 Camera and Kodak XL-8660 Printer.

Ver 6.0.9 Supports the Fuji Pictograpghy 3000 & 4000 Printer.Also fixes Color Sync when used in backround printing.

Ver 6.1.1 Fixes mixing Color & B&W Nodes on the same page.Allows direct access to TriPrism. website if Internet is available.Allows launch of TEPS-2000 operation manual from TEPS-2000 software.

Ver 6.1.4 Updated for newest Kodak camera libraries as of11/11/99. Fixes problem with direct connect DCS-4XX Cameras. Fixescolor matching problem with Fuji Pictograpghy 3000 & 4000. Allowseasier interface going from Start Sitting Mode to the Previewmode.

Ver 6.1.5 Fixes Rubber Stamp " Folder Name " will be the name ofthe destination folder not the source when using Start Sittingfeature.

Ver 6.1.7 Fixes Packaging F-Keys bug when "Print Canvas" isselected in the operations window. Ver

6.1.8 When using an additional video board for display, apreference has been added to allow you to send either a High Res or aLow Res picture to the display video monitor.

Ver 6.1.9 When using HOT FOLDER mode fixes reading images Ver 6.2 When using HOT FOLDER mode crashes and fixes NEW Kodak8660 printer bugs

Ver 6.3 Allows you to use a USB to SCSI adaptor "ADAPTEC 2000"only when you are using the TEPS-SPOOLER.