TEPS-x Read Me
10/13/11 Ver X v 16.3.14

Warning! The TEPS-X preferences will be updated. If your settings are extremely important we recommend you do not replace the original preference file during installation. V14 Preferences can be loaded into v16 Share

Note: You must be using OS 10.5 OR GREATER. 10.7 LION IS NOW SUPPORTED.

Please Note: Password default is "TRIPRISM"

10/13/11 Ver X v 16.3.14
(127.8 MB)
OS X 10.5+ ONLY


Supported Canon EOS Cameras UPDATED
1D Mark III, 40D, 1Ds Mark III, 450D/Rebel XSi, 1000D/Rebel XS, 5D Mark II, 50D, 500D/Rebel T1i, 550D/Rebel T2i, 7D, 1D Mark IV, 60D, Rebel T3, Rebel T3i

Supported Nikon Cameras
D1, D1x, D2, D2x, D3/300, D40, D50, D60, D70, D80, D90, D100, D200, D700, D5000, D5100, D7000

(*1) D3 camera has 3type, as follows. The 3type will be the same
specification,if there are no special explanations.
If there is D3 description, that means all D3 camera.
*D3 (Ver.1.0)
*D3 FirmUp1 (Ver.1.1)
*D3 FirmUp2 (Ver.2.0)

(*2) D300 camera has 2type, as follows. The 2type will be the same
specification, if there are no special explanations.
If there is D300 description, that means all D300 camera.
*D300 (Ver.1.0)
*D300 FirmUp (Ver.1.1

Note: D1 and D2 series will NOT work on Intel with 10.5
Note: D3000 will not be supported.

Supported Sony UP Printers
D70A, D5500, D50, DR100, DR150, D75, CX1, CR10L, GR700 & DR200

Supported DNP Printers
DS40, DS80

Supported Kodak Printers
XLS8600, DS8650, DS8660, DS8657, 6800, 6850, 8500, 9810

Supported Fuji Pictrography Printers
3000, 3500, 4000

Supported Mitsubishi Printers
CP8000D, 9000, 9500, 9550, CP-3020DU, CP-3020DAU, 9800, 3800, D70

Supported Shinko CHC Printers
S9045, S1245, S2145

Supported Olmec Printers

Supported DNP Printers
DNP40, DNP80

Other Output Support
Noritsu NetOrder Printer, Print to File Sets, OS Print Center, CD Burning, USB Memory Stick Burning

// 2011-11-10
// v16.3.14
1. remove nikon debug message

// 2011-11-01
// v16.3.12
1. always save images to local folder first before start process to burn to usb flash

// 2011-10-27
1. fix cache file issue
2. allow for saving scaled original in non ck mode too

// 2011-10-14
1. fix interapplication notifications with names and etc…

// 2011-10-11
1. fix alpha channel issue if NO junk mask

/ 2011-10-06
// v16.3.1
1. fix issue with png for web

// v16.2.1
// 2011-09-29
1. prevent empty junk mask in array
2. try to fix leading/trailing spaces in barcode id

// 2011-08-15
1. fix issue with auto image not working properly

// 2011-07-26
2. fix input preference issue not fully saved/read

// 2011-07-22
1. fix jump to editor issue
2. added two 4x6s for dnp ds40

// 2011-07-21
// v16.0.17
1. fix double printing issue
2. force true for demo1 in new UI
3. fix issue with canon XS camera with double downloading
4. fix "unknown" canon settings to correct names in popup

// 2011-07-18
// v16.0.15
1. cleanup retrieving system info

// 2011-07-15
1. created new backup folder 7 for duplicating image (for stb)

// 2011-6-28
// v16.0.3
1. make sure default color sync profiles exist for kodak
2. display correct profile name for kodak 9810 and 6800 or not found
3. make sure nikon camera compiles with 10.5 sdk
4. fix camera and acquire in bg

// v16.0.12
1. check for app version from server using old and new methods

// v16.0.11
4. do new colorsync method where if an image file has embedded, it will be assigned as input color profile
5. set new defaults for 86xx
6. show full profile name without the hexadecimal chars
7. make alpha numeric sort work for filenames > 31 chars
9. fix image leak with imagefilter


// 2011-05-14
1. fix issue with sending "space" to web

// 2011-04-29
1. fix issue with not getting correct internal kodak vendor templates
2. fix printCount not being formed in php command
5. maintain consistency for logs

// 2011-04-11
// v15.9.1
1. added lamination option to ds 40/80
2. fixed mitsu 3800 printing with lamination
3. passed print count to mitsu 3800
4. added cut in half option to mitsu 3800
4. suppress unknown event message from canon 60d
5. try to speed up loading of images in new special mode
6. fix apply to all images for zoom/shift
7. added clear template button
8. added color mode popup button in operations window

// 2011-02-24
// v15.8.1
1.Added Color to the on-the-fly color conversion
2. Bug fix for speed issue with dropping in photos.

// 2011-02-24
// v15.8.1
1.fixed internal framework
2. fixed group image not being hi-lited
3.added on-the-fly color conversion
4. fix issue with double drawing of preview in ck mode
5. auto fill all image/node objects in ck mode
6. add pref to show/hide customer order window

// v15.7.16
changes from late oct thru dec 2010
1. re-adjust prefs for different targets
2. if readonly at startup, still get metadata for rotation
3. enabled logging to separate files - ie not in console.log
4. remove some excessive mesgs
5. fix thumbnail of cd when saving as original not going thru template ie processor (stb)
6. fix prompting with cd not prompting or launching tepsDataBurn (stb)
7. fix session printing and mixing current/marked images in packages (stb)
8. is ui issue with maces smaller sized monitors
9. use script to copy files to usb flash drive
10. fix filename stamp bug
11. start using write to flashdrive method for cd burns
12. prevent invalid chars in camera station mode
13. fix issue with identifying flashdrive and snow leopard 10.6.4
14. fix crash with reading compressed tiff files
15. fix writing metadata to png files
16. rename "PNG" to "PNG for web"
17. do not allow white string for base camera id
18. fix issue when canvas type is "all images"
19. fix rotation diffs between camera and sales station - need to write out rotation
20. fix minor cd issues
21. force basename option to originalname when put is camera pc card
22. changes to 6up
23. hide unavail package buttons

// 2010-10-15
// v15.7.5
1. fix double swapping of job dataType when writing printCenter job header

// 2010-10-08
// v15.7.4
1. fix PROCESSOR speed issue when rendering jobs - was wasting time before in between objects

// 2010-10-04
// v15.7.3
1. fix issue with clear button when wanting to clear graphics in special one up mode
2. fix issue with slow printing with osprint center without print dialog
3. fix read file error printing job from drag/drop mode
4. adjust the scaling factor for defocus value when in operations mode as well
5. write out Mitsu D70 job as DotSequential

// 2010-09-07
// v15.6.21
1. fix issue with excess "copy" in print to file names
2. allow psd as valid file for preview
3. show correct message when deletePCCardAndUnmount
4. when start sitting / preview images, load pre-defined settings
5. fix defocus normalization
6. fix snow leopard crash with sendURLCommandSync to
7. save the olmec o800 media prefs
8. fix issue with scaling issue of overlay in template mode
9. fix naming issues for usb thumbdrive burn
10. remove template button for special new mode - replace with item in menu

// v15.6.11
// 2010-08-24
1. remove test code with appleG

// v15.6.20
1. More Info to Come...
2. Fixed - Card Reader No Images Found
3. Fixed - OP800 Options not saving
4. Fixed - HTTP uploader with new Server Messages

// v15.6.10
1. new freeform polygon for inclusion/exclusion masks
2. (incomplete) started to add code for mitsu d70
3. CMD-i (not one) is now "show customer database record"
6. fix crash after clicking on HiRes QuickZoom
7. change the minimum autoStartSeconds value to 1 second
8.add extra progress indicator stop when importing (merge) text file
9. check the correct pref variable for deleteImagesInHotFolderImmediately
11. added option to do readOnly of ck image properties - speeds up network images
12 improve speed of start sitting loading existing images at startup
13 fix possible crash when scanning barcode while new images are still being loaded from camera start sitting
15. fix issue where clicking on print package first time was not always getting job sent to processor
16. remove debug message with color correction
18. fix crash when previewing image and the clicked cancel
19. make sure ck key settings are saved each time
20. added new pref to allow a web resolution file to be generated from a newly composed print to file set output
"Also Create JPEG fo Web of this print to file"
21. separate out teps-Triprism specific prefs to separate panel
22. fix minor issue with FG processing FlashDriveWrite canvases
23. fix crashes with leftover code with beta freeform exclusion/inclusion masks