TEPS-x Read Me
4/12/11 Ver X v 15.9.7

Warning! The TEPS-X preferences will be updated. If your settings are extremely important we recommend you do not replace the original preference file during installation. V14 Preferences can be loaded into V15 Share

Note: You must be using OS 10.5 OR GREATER. 10.7 LION IS NOW SUPPORTED.

Please Note: Password default is "TRIPRISM"

4/12/11 Ver X v 15.9.7
(126.8 MB)


Supported Canon EOS Cameras UPDATED
1D Mark II, 20D, 1Ds Mark II, 350D/Digital Rebel XT, 5D, 1D Mark II N, 30D, 400D/Digital Rebel XTi, 1D Mark III, 40D, 1Ds Mark III, 450D/Rebel XSi, 1000D/Rebel XS, 5D Mark II, 50D, 500D/Rebel T1i, 7D, 1D Mark IV, 550D/Rebel T2i

Supported Nikon Cameras
D1, D1x, D2, D2x, D3/300, D40, D50, D60, D70, D80, D90, D100, D200, D700, D5000

(*1) D3 camera has 3type, as follows. The 3type will be the same
specification,if there are no special explanations.
If there is D3 description, that means all D3 camera.
*D3 (Ver.1.0)
*D3 FirmUp1 (Ver.1.1)
*D3 FirmUp2 (Ver.2.0)

(*2) D300 camera has 2type, as follows. The 2type will be the same
specification, if there are no special explanations.
If there is D300 description, that means all D300 camera.
*D300 (Ver.1.0)
*D300 FirmUp (Ver.1.1

Note: D1 and D2 series will NOT work on Intel with 10.5
Note: D3000 will not be supported.

Supported Sony UP Printers
D70A, D5500, D50, DR100, DR150, D75, CX1, CR10L, GR700 & DR200

Supported Kodak Printers
XLS8600, DS8650, DS8660, DS8657, 6800, 6850, 8500, 9810

Supported Fuji Pictrography Printers
3000, 3500, 4000

Supported Mitsubishi Printers
CP8000D, 9000, 9500, 9550, CP-3020DU, CP-3020DAU, 9800, 3800, D70

Supported Shinko CHC Printers
S9045, S1245, S2145

Supported Olmec Printers

Supported DNP Printers
DNP40, DNP80

Other Output Support
Noritsu NetOrder Printer, Print to File Sets, OS Print Center, CD Burning, USB Memory Stick Burning

// 2011-05-14
1. fix issue with sending "space" to web

// 2011-04-29
1. fix issue with not getting correct internal kodak vendor templates
2. fix printCount not being formed in php command
5. maintain consistency for logs

// 2011-04-11
// v15.9.1
1. added lamination option to ds 40/80
2. fixed mitsu 3800 printing with lamination
3. passed print count to mitsu 3800
4. added cut in half option to mitsu 3800
4. suppress unknown event message from canon 60d
5. try to speed up loading of images in new special mode
6. fix apply to all images for zoom/shift
7. added clear template button
8. added color mode popup button in operations window

// 2011-02-24
// v15.8.1
1.Added Color to the on-the-fly color conversion
2. Bug fix for speed issue with dropping in photos.

// 2011-02-24
// v15.8.1
1.fixed internal framework
2. fixed group image not being hi-lited
3.added on-the-fly color conversion
4. fix issue with double drawing of preview in ck mode
5. auto fill all image/node objects in ck mode
6. add pref to show/hide customer order window

// v15.7.16
changes from late oct thru dec 2010
1. re-adjust prefs for different targets
2. if readonly at startup, still get metadata for rotation
3. enabled logging to separate files - ie not in console.log
4. remove some excessive mesgs
5. fix thumbnail of cd when saving as original not going thru template ie processor (stb)
6. fix prompting with cd not prompting or launching tepsDataBurn (stb)
7. fix session printing and mixing current/marked images in packages (stb)
8. is ui issue with maces smaller sized monitors
9. use script to copy files to usb flash drive
10. fix filename stamp bug
11. start using write to flashdrive method for cd burns
12. prevent invalid chars in camera station mode
13. fix issue with identifying flashdrive and snow leopard 10.6.4
14. fix crash with reading compressed tiff files
15. fix writing metadata to png files
16. rename "PNG" to "PNG for web"
17. do not allow white string for base camera id
18. fix issue when canvas type is "all images"
19. fix rotation diffs between camera and sales station - need to write out rotation
20. fix minor cd issues
21. force basename option to originalname when put is camera pc card
22. changes to 6up
23. hide unavail package buttons

// 2010-10-15
// v15.7.5
1. fix double swapping of job dataType when writing printCenter job header

// 2010-10-08
// v15.7.4
1. fix PROCESSOR speed issue when rendering jobs - was wasting time before in between objects

// 2010-10-04
// v15.7.3
1. fix issue with clear button when wanting to clear graphics in special one up mode
2. fix issue with slow printing with osprint center without print dialog
3. fix read file error printing job from drag/drop mode
4. adjust the scaling factor for defocus value when in operations mode as well
5. write out Mitsu D70 job as DotSequential

// 2010-09-07
// v15.6.21
1. fix issue with excess "copy" in print to file names
2. allow psd as valid file for preview
3. show correct message when deletePCCardAndUnmount
4. when start sitting / preview images, load pre-defined settings
5. fix defocus normalization
6. fix snow leopard crash with sendURLCommandSync to
7. save the olmec o800 media prefs
8. fix issue with scaling issue of overlay in template mode
9. fix naming issues for usb thumbdrive burn
10. remove template button for special new mode - replace with item in menu

// v15.6.11
// 2010-08-24
1. remove test code with appleG

// v15.6.20
1. More Info to Come...
2. Fixed - Card Reader No Images Found
3. Fixed - OP800 Options not saving
4. Fixed - HTTP uploader with new Server Messages

// v15.6.10
1. new freeform polygon for inclusion/exclusion masks
2. (incomplete) started to add code for mitsu d70
3. CMD-i (not one) is now "show customer database record"
6. fix crash after clicking on HiRes QuickZoom
7. change the minimum autoStartSeconds value to 1 second
8.add extra progress indicator stop when importing (merge) text file
9. check the correct pref variable for deleteImagesInHotFolderImmediately
11. added option to do readOnly of ck image properties - speeds up network images
12 improve speed of start sitting loading existing images at startup
13 fix possible crash when scanning barcode while new images are still being loaded from camera start sitting
15. fix issue where clicking on print package first time was not always getting job sent to processor
16. remove debug message with color correction
18. fix crash when previewing image and the clicked cancel
19. make sure ck key settings are saved each time
20. added new pref to allow a web resolution file to be generated from a newly composed print to file set output
"Also Create JPEG fo Web of this print to file"
21. separate out teps-Triprism specific prefs to separate panel
22. fix minor issue with FG processing FlashDriveWrite canvases
23. fix crashes with leftover code with beta freeform exclusion/inclusion masks


// v15.5.26
1. fix crash with leftover code with beta code for freeform stuff

// v15.5.25
1. fix issue with random crash of teps processor after launch
2. fix issue with the custom Navigation UI under snow leopard when doing "save composition as"
3. fix issue with group photo inside a node

1. fix issue with filename/foldername partA/B/C being cut off

// v15.5.20
1. fix preset package job priority as normal
2. fix perm issues with package counts
3. fix issue when "database file alias" file happens to be the very first file in the image folder
4. ignore ALL objects in CK template if "save scaled image for web" is ON
5. fix issue with printing preset package on return to main - only if apple-1 was allowed
6. fix issue with drag/drop operations window not ck'ing
7. fix crash issue for pref views that did not exist with photoTouch vers

1. add pref to print preset package after apple-1
2. fix dragAndDrop issue not writing the correct JOB VERSION Number from item#1 from v15.5.18 below
3. warn that the options, [ "Save CK Template As IS" and "Save Scaled Original Image For Web" ], are only avail in
CKmode and newSpecialCKmode.
4. add pref in panel in TepsProcessor to have different JpegForWeb Compression parameter
5. prevent error message when running BG and FG with different cpu mode for drawing thumbnail of first image in job in Spooler
6. allow the Year field to be editable in apple-1 window
7. try to set permission to 0777 (octal) when copying to backup servers on return to main in start sitting
8. fix UI for the preset package popup (ie on return to main, send package..)

// v15.5.18
1. set the correct parent folder name when images from different folders when printing all/marked image all pages
JOB VERSION Number Changed
2. force apple-1 to NOT work with barcodeMode and startSitting and customerOrderMode
still works in preview images only
3. fix issue with zoom setting and "apply to all" not sticking
remove refs to old kodakTif stuff
4. fix issue with uninitialized freeform region (even though it's still dimmed out)
5. add message to show why preview is not possible under special condition with usbFlashDrive
DisplayNormalMessage("For FlashDrive - Can not preview with 'Keep As Original'-option");

// v15.5.17beta
1. fix issue with hi res preview and overlay
2. fix issue with cdWrite and usbFlashWrite when an in between canvas item is turned OFF

// v15.5.16beta
1. fix issue saving Marked Images to usbFlashDrive when SaveAsOriginal Option is ON
2. only remove old images from the "Teps Floppy Folderƒ"
and copy all "loose" items and subfolders within "Teps Floppy Folderƒ" when writing to usbFlashDrive
3. include the new toolsWindow (in newSpecialCK MOde) when "reset all windows location"
4. fix issue where "reset all windows location" would cause the operations window in newSpecialCkMode would also move
5. use the new logo in teps-share

// v15.5.15beta
1. update the output prefs after loading package pref file
2. fix issue with nodes and the new save scaled image attribute
3. change label from "Floppy write" to "FlashDrive Write" in printer list
4. add pref to delete images files immediately after copied to sitting folder
5. fix bug where some "save as" functions did not work due to checking for old physical key
6. when writing to "FlashDrive" or CD, delete only images - leave other "loose items" in tact

// still in BETA
// the new freeform region for junk and exclusions mask
// need to finish on saving these mixed regions (ie with the oval and rect)

// v15.5.14beta
// 2009-12-18
1. fix the "read job" error from processor when node in output canvas had a CK attrib
2. fix special one up mode where only the first image was being printed on a multi image page
ie match preview with output canvas

// v15.5.13beta
// 2009-12-15
1. try to fix the random crash that occurs in snow leopard when launching Processor or when trying to change the printing pref in Processor
2. fix drag and drop issue - where the processor was getting "bad job" warning/error
3. allow control-click to show contextual popups
4. fix control-click in the new specialCK mode
5. fix memory hogging issue in dragNDrop when building template with 2 to 3 hundred images
6. give error warning message for checking running key low

// 2009-12-04
1. fix issue when CK attribute is ON within the Output Canvas - processor was getting "Bad Job Error"
2. fix apply to same in dragAndDrop mode
3. fix auto-apply of template values for new images acquired in start sitting mode and the newSpecialCK mode
4. fix auto node issue

// v15.5.11beta
// 2009-12-03
1. fix load/save template values in newSpecialCK mode
2. honor the "show all error/warning messages" in teps processor share

// v15.5.10beta
// 2009-11-24
1. write source file path inside imagesForWeb

// v15.5.9
// 2009-11-19
1. fix possible crash due to releasing released memory
2. fix issue with hi res zoom button to save/apply changes before previewing
3. fix new color adj issue in drag and drop mode where sliders were not updated when clicking on another image eg 4up

// v15.5.7
1. created new attribute to save canvas without any overlays and etc - just the image layer only
2. stop warning messages that images are not valid images
3. fill in default year/month/day in the new barcode window for the date search mode
4. enable date search mode

// v15.5.5beta
// 2009-11-04
2. added dnp printers - however color control for printer - does not get implemented on printcenter side yet...
still looking into memory issues
3. make sure the respective processors are being called
4. use new cocoa method to poll for folders/files for custom cd burning

// v15.1.18
// 2009-10-26
1. fix crash while editing canvas
2. changed nav window in attempt to track down unexpected crash in snow leopard with apple nav windows
3. allow folder icon to be draggable to app icon and enter preview images mode.
4. fix issue with kodak 8600 lamination setting not sticking corrrectly

// v15.1.16
// 2009-10-02
1. Internal Bug fixes

// v15.1.15
// 2009-10-01
1. Internal Bug Fixes

// v15.1.14
// 2009-09-29
1. fix stampObject issue for long file name
2. added scan for new nikon libs type0002 and type0003 libs
3. do not apply new color adj if all at default 0 settings????
4. speed up NEF and TIFF thumbnails

// v15.1.13 (Modified the installer to work with Snow Leopard)
1. fix chooser printing crash issue in ck and new ck mode
2. fix issue with database alias not being remembered

// v15.1.12


IF In StartSitting and CreateSittingFolder=BarcodeFolder (for use with TepsBarCodeApp) and CustomOrderMode=ON
after doing the barcodeMatching,
teps-x will NOT be in customerOrderMode and apple-1 will NOT Work - ie clear all the images
so that user can mark the images and do a printToFileSet or PrintMarkedImages etc and quit

IF In PreviewImages and CreateSittingFolder=BarcodeFolder and CustomOrderMode=ON
apple-1 will continue to work - but also with the new search method

1. apple-1 window allows for search within date/time range
2. modified barcode mode to no longer allow customer order mode during start sitting mode
3. fixed issue where the copied images in the barcode mode will have the original date/time
4. allow Tiffs files to work with the new color adj controls (still need to fix issue with thumbnail not redrawing correctly yet??)
NEFs and CR2 and CRW should work too - albeit slow...

// 2009-08-21
1. fix issue in the barcode mode - the extra message of showing the file name
2. fix issue in the barcode mode - when clicking on thumbnail - the icon showed instead
3. added new feature in teps-share mode to print a package before returning to main (should only be avail in share vers)

// 2009-08-18
1. try to fix issue with printing from canvasWindow vs packageWindow (when canvas list contained UNused items)
2. fix the inconsistency output when printing from newSpecialOneUp mode
if marked or all images, it should load just a one image to the CK template first (regardless of how many image box)
and then repeat the ck template n-times into the output canvas
3. fix zoom/shift issue when printing from Customer Order Window
4. fix the Validation issue with Delete OLD Sitting folder
limit used to be 7days - then later - made limit to 90days
5. for jed - try to fix possible "sticky"fingers issue - but we could not reproduce here
6. validate CD package in FG printing mode
7.NOTE: CANNOT do CD properly - unless the output is set for "Original Name"
with AutoRotate CK template ON and both LS and PRT images.
if needing to save as Jpeg or resized output for CD, need to RE-do our FG printing
which is not easy right now.

// 2009-08-11
1. try to fix issue with current/marked/all images with canvas and package buttons
2. clear all tool window info after clearing image from "new special ck mode"
3. try to fix issue with saving print to file set AND name =original AND creating a parent folder
AND when the image name did NOT have an Underscore
4. fix issue where "Page Setup..." settings not being remembered
5. removed the occasional "what" warning

// 2009-08-04
1. save the "hue" settings as part of "set as default" for new images

// 2009-07-30
1. save/load the media options for the old mitsu 8000 printer

// 2009-07-28
1. fix issue with older image files not having metaTag info - need to match the image orientation

// 2009-07-24
1. improve about box for teps share to allow "activate" and "deactitvate"
2. updated UI text and etc for about box

1. show level indicator for prints remaining in about box - teps-share

1. improve UI with teps-share about box
2. fix drawing of ck template thumbnails (was not preserving aspect ratio)
3. show correct path of sitting folder item in popup menu item in the operations window
4. fix issue with filename stamp object greater than 31 char
5. fix issue with displaying HEX chars in new op window when greater than 31 char
6. re-enable variable angle view if one or more objects did not have one
7. try to be consistent when logging to log file only or when displaying the messages
"do show message" pref"

1. updated internal framework to 16.3
2. fixed minor issue with multiple variable angles (in multiple image objects) on a single ck template
3. teps-share => show expiration date in readable long date/time format
4. teps-share => enable the file menu items without a physical key
5. fix reset of variable angle rotation (direct connnect)
6. fix display of thumbnailview orientation when auto ck is on and/or point and shoot is on (direct connect)
7. fix minor display messages to show more info as to which settings are being changed
(ie when clicking on "set as default" in new special mode)


1. add "6850" to same line as "6800" kodak printer item ("Kodak 6800, 6850")
2. fix issue with printing packages when the current canvas had different image options - ie marked images, etc...
3. fix issue with quickzoom and when color background was not white
4. try to fix issue with image being dragged around accidentally after quickZoom or doubleClick

1. use current application name and version number to form base name when saving preferences to file (FG and BG)
2. validate the modes avail between the share version and regular teps
3. added "quick zoom" in the NewSpecialCkMode for share version

1. fix issue with incorrect number of images being saved for cdWrite and floppyWrite output (was in v15.0.8later)
2. prevent appleQ or appleW from crashing when floppyWrite/cdWrite windows are still in front

1. fix memory leaks when lots of images
2. try to improve speed on PPC

1. fix the Too many prints being generated in NewSpecialMode in FG (eg cds) and save template asIs is turned ON
3. For updates, change link to ""

1. use same colorspace when in operations window and doing final outputs or previews
2. shorten info being sent in email

1. fix memory leak after opening a lot of images

// 2009-05-08
// v15.0.3
1. fix permission issue with CoreImage (instead of QT) read/write files - was unable to save zoom/shift/ck values to image file (used to use QT to read files) (v15 uses core image color functions)
2. fix saving of backup folder prefs
3. try to improve zooming speed in the special one up mode
4. try to improve zooming speed with multiple ck image objects
5. try to prevent mouse from sticking when zooming/shifting
6. fix issue with disabling of variable angle rotation slider
7. added new About Interface - make users synchronize more often!!!
8. created new Factory Default file for each custom target
9. change title of toolwindow in special new mode
10. Allow the tool window to drag more efficiently
11. allow app to run in "for demo only" mode, when the click count is zero or Not registered
12. use new coreimage lib for color adj but with sliders

// 2009-04-22
// v15.0.3
1. fix issue with redraw of exclusion mask in ck mode
2. fix issue with processor rendering wrong exclusion mask for two or more images on a ck template
3. fix ck mode issue when auto rotate ck template is enabled (two of same images showed up before)

// 2009-04-06
// v15.0.2
New Features:
1. New Color Adjust Mode
2. Preview preference for CK Print Preview to lower resolution for speed.
3. All keyless applications
4. General Bug Fixes (Saving some preferences)
5. Fix loading graphics names saved from other computers.