TEPS-x Read Me
TEPS for OS X Software Notes OSX TIGER AND LEOPARD USERS IT WILL CLEAN INSTALL INTO A NEW "TEPS OS X FOLDER V14", Please watch "14_Updating 13 Files for 14" under V14 Video Manuals, V14 KEY NEEDED
07/08/09 !!Last Supported V14 Version!! Ver X v 14.6.1

Warning! The TEPS-X preferences will be updated. If your settings are extremely important we recommend you do not replace the original preference file during installation.

Note: You must be using OS 10.4.8 or above.

Please Note: Password default is "TRIPRISM"

OSX TIGER AND LEOPARD USERS IT WILL CLEAN INSTALL INTO A NEW "TEPS OS X FOLDER V14", Please watch "14_Updating 13 Files for 14" under V14 Video Manuals, V14 KEY NEEDED
07/08/09 !!Last Supported V14 Version!! Ver X v 14.6.1
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Supported Canon EOS Cameras
1D Mark II, 20D, 1Ds Mark II, Rebel XT, 5D, 1D Mark II N, 30D, Rebel XTi, 1D Mark III, 40, 5D Mark II, 50D

Supported Nikon Cameras
D1, D2, D2x, D3/300, D40, D50, D60, D70, D80, D100, D200, D700

Supported Sony UP Printers
D70A, D5500, D50, DR100, DR150, D75, CX1, CR10L, GR700 & DR200

Supported Kodak Printers
XLS8600, DS8650, DS8660, DS8657, 6800, 6850, 8500, 9810

Supported Fuji Pictrography Printers
3000, 3500, 4000

Supported Mitsubishi Printers
CP8000D, 9000, 9500, 9550, CP-3020DU, CP-3020DAU, 9800(beta), 3800(beta)

Supported Shinko CHC Printers
S9045, S1245, S2145

Supported Olmec Printers

Other Output Support
Noritsu NetOrder Printer, Print to File Sets, OS Print Center, CD Burning, USB Memory Stick Burning

1. updated internal framework to 16.3
2. fixed minor issue with multiple variable angles (in multiple image objects) on a single ck template
3. fix reset of variable angle rotation (direct connnect)
4. fix display of thumbnailview orientation when auto ck is on and/or point and shoot is on (direct connect)
5. fix minor display messages to show more info as to which settings are being changed
(ie when clicking on "set as default" in new special mode)


1. add "6850" to same line as "6800" kodak printer item ("Kodak 6800, 6850")
2. fix issue with printing packages when the current canvas had different image options - ie marked images, etc...
3. try to fix issue with image being dragged around accidentally after or doubleClick

// 2009-06-15
1. Internal Testing

1. use current application name and version number to form base name when saving preferences to file (FG and BG)

1. fix issue with incorrect number of images being saved for cdWrite and floppyWrite output
2. prevent appleQ or appleW from crashing when floppyWrite/cdWrite windows are still in front

1. fix memory leaks when lots of images
2. try to improve speed on PPC

1. Bug fixes

1. use same colorspace when in operations window and doing final outputs or previews

1. fix memory leak after opening a lot of images

for v14 and v15
1. fix permission issue with CoreImage (instead of QT) read/write files - was unable to save zoom/shift/ck values to image file (used to use QT to read files)
2. fix saving of backup folder prefs
3. try to improve zooming speed in the special one up mode
4. try to improve zooming speed with multiple ck image objects
5. try to prevent mouse from sticking when zooming/shifting
6. fix issue with disabling of variable angle rotation slider

1. fix issue with redraw of exclusion mask in ck mode
2. fix issue with processor rendering wrong exclusion mask for two or more images on a ck template
3. fix ck mode issue when auto rotate ck template is enabled (two of same images showed up before)

// 2009-04-02
// v14.5.9
1. Last supported version of V14 before V15 switchover.
2. Drag and drop support for Jpegs on Dock Icon

// 2009-02-23
// v14a71
1. Fixed an issues with the newest Canon Cameras.

// 2009-01-08
// v14a71
1. remove accidental debug test code
2. fix byte swap issue with new params in filename stamp object
3. use new factory defaults
4. Improved support for reading images.

// 2008-12-12
// v14a70
1. added new 2145 matte and print mode options

// 2009-01-08
// v14a69
1. fix issue with nikon search for d700

/ 2008-11-21
// v14a67
2. fix issue with reading security key counter value greater than 32x1024
3. speed up thumbnail issue
4. fix issue with saving floppy/pcCard canvas options pref
5. do not add underscore+number when using "original name" is already unique for floppy/pcCard write
6. fix issue with op800 canvas options pref

// 2008-11-17
// v14a66
1. added stamp to parse filename with partA,partB,partC for testing

// 2008-11-14
// v14a65next?
1. fix issue with reading embedded profile
2. fix speed issue with reading canon cr2 thumbnails
3. fix issue with correlating printToFileSet canvas item with the correct output path

// 2008-11-04
// v14a64
1. fix minor crop issue with orientation
2. fix writing/saving jobs to old kodak 8650/8660 printers to print center
3. put back feature to create folder name with three names separated by underscore
as well associated stamps
4. fix bug that showed funny chars when clicking on empty node in drag/n/drop mode
5. fix bug where updr200 media options were not being saved after quitting teps
6. use newer navigation windows for print all orders and create customer info file

// 2008-10-01
1. fix issue with deleting old sitting folders
2. add nikon d700 to show up similar to d3/d300

// 2008-09-26
1. allow "write to floppy" to recognize cf-cards

// 2008-09-??
3. fix group photo issue
4. fix print all order issues (school photo mode and customer orders)

// 2008-09-03
// v14alpha60
1. fix the yearbook photo where the name is nil
2. fix the customer order issue where it was auto-incrementing the wrong packages

// 2008-08-22
// v14alpha59

1. fix issue with saving/restoring exclusion mask
2. add the text to "stop" button
3. make the "save as is" attribute to be honored only if Print To File
4. fix issue where multi buttons can be active at once in the ck tool window
5. fix issue where multiple tabs could be selected
6. fix issue where if ck template window is opened and new image comes in and user selects another ck template, the previous image got loaded too
7. fix progress window when doing print preview

// 2008-08-11
Internal release

// 2008-06-12
1. added support for Mitsu 9800 in output canvases and in preferences
2. added support for Mitsu 3800 in output canvases and in preferences
3. fix some byte swapping issue

// 06-11-08
// v14alpha56
1. live scroll is active if user holds down the cmd key and the slider (help speed up more - just like v13 - color not changed until mouseUp)
2. fix the garbled ck template name in thumbnail view

// 06-05-08
// v14alpha55
1. try to fix possible colorsync issues when printing, apply them now but don't tag the images, printer and input have to be different
2. fix slow response time for drag and drop.
3. fixed problem with zoom/shift issues in CK mode where is would keep zooming.
4. Fixed preference issue with default defocus being out of range.
5. Single click or double click work on the thumbnails.
6. Fixed the start sitting issue where it would always prompt with nothing in it.

// 05-23-08
// v14alpha54
1. try to fix possible colorsync issues with reading files
2. fix minor issues with displaying message where garbage chars showed at end of string
3. fixed memory leak with teps-processor
4. fixed issue where processor was randomly reject valid jobs as "invalid"

// 04-30-08
// v14alpha53
1. fix issue with leopard mounting usb-pcCards differently than from Tiger
2. fix double text issue
3. remove warning message about group photo in processor
4. added the mitsu 9800 as BETA Driver

// 04-25-08
// v14alpha52
1. new internal factory defaults
2. move up the zoom/shift/ck tools window in start sitting
3. prevent double-clicking thumbnail from loading twice

// 04-24-08
// v14alpha51
1. fix issue with zoom/shift not being used correctly when printing from kiosk/package window
2. fix saving/loading of the prefs for the previewWindowPrefs
3. fix the annoying double-clicking on the thumbnail and then dragging issue - where the outline of the box was being dragged around this fixes a lot of other side-effect issues
4. fix issue with the large thumbnail view not being active after loading/acquiring a new image in camera or hot folder mode
5. fixes old tyme color issue
6. fixes issues with direct connect to canon older firewire cameras - such as eos1ds, 1d markI and markII

// 04-16-08
// v14alpha50
1. makes the popup of the previewImage button to run their proper respective item

// 04-15-08
// v14alpha49
1. fix the autoCkTemplate (LS or Prt) with images' rotation from its metaTag data and in start sitting mode
2. fix group photo feature

// 04-14-08
// v14alpha48
1. possibly fix the redraw issue with start sitting and thumbnail view

// 04-10-08
// v14alpha47
1. Fix front gate photo mode by removing old Kodak calls

// 04-08-08
// v14alpha46
2. added new mode to auto-create and auto-populate new barcode with HHMMSSYYYYMMDD
3. fix pc-card copy mode with multiple drives not showing up
4. added new printFile mode to better facilitate
5. fix saving as png when images were shifted
6. fix save all/marked to file from file menu
7. fix issue with graphics file and its cache with long filename
8. fix load/save keyParameter.txt file (byte-swapping issue)
9. fix the save window for the ckParameter file not too show up those extra options

// 03-28-08
// v14alpha45
1. fix node object issue while in CK mode
2. fix issue with pointing to root folder
3. fix speed issue when meta-tag is enabled
4. fix speed issue when copying pc-card in start sitting
5. fix update of raw image thumbnail
6. fix some misc issue with speed of processor jobs
7. fix issue with canon mark III camera
8. fix issue where canon controls were not being sent to the camera (from last version)
9. remove annoying "cannot unlock camera" messages from tethered canon camera
10. fix rotation issue when when autoSwitch CK template is enabled
11. fix saving/loading defaults of canon camera settings
12. fix reading of corrupted jpeg images
13. fix saving of templates on intel macs
14. fix miscellaneous messages with garbage chars
15. display full version when using counter key in tepsx main window

// 03-04-08
// v14alpha43 and v14alpha44
Internal Rename

// 03-03-08
1. fix issues with older 'legacy' canon cameras
2. fix issues with database utils left and right buttons
3. fix issues with os print center and teps-processor where the processor had to be in the front in order for the osPrintCenter to continue

// 02-25-08
// v14alpha41
1. added back option to save to 5 different backup folders
2. put back "image+graphics" file name option in teps-processor
3. added "prompt before removing from thumbnail" option
4. fix shifting images after "apply to all"
5. fix shifting/zoom issue with 'apply to all' in drag and drop mode
6. fix marked images and rotation while in drag and drop mode
7. fix auto-locate pc-card option
8. allow user to cancel out while previewing multiple pages
9. fix "metatag data" issue while in start sitting

// 02-15-08
// v14alpha40
1. Internal Testing

// 02-07-08
// v14alpha39
1. speedup loading/saving of prefs
2. fix bluish color issue when output with "jpeg for web"

// 02-06-08
// v14alpha38
0. allow v14 teps to run in demo mode if no key found
1. fix issue when junk mask is on and color adjust is NOT zero
2. reflect correct window title for junk mask and exclusion mask windows
3. fix view for defocus value
4. fix the improper display of "variable angle" field when dimmed (used to say 1)
5. fix image object settings window so that the "rotation angle" option is NOT shown when rotation is not on "other angle"
6. try to fix issue with long file names when doing printToFileSets
7. fix the odd incremental zoom issue when printing all pages
8. fix the intermittent "dir cat" issue after sending a job to the processor
9. fix issue with not saving all of the start sitting prefs keys
10. fix bug where bogus printQty number showed up for printer setups
11. fix issue with not saving sony gr700 and updr200 output canvas prefs
12. added support for the sony dr200
13. added "three 4x8s" for shinko printer media option
14. enable the 5x7 media option for 6800 printer
15. added clear mask button for junk mask and exclusion mask windows

// 01-22-08
// v14alpha37
1. fix canon direct connect issue with bringing in duplicate images
2. minor fixes to canon direct connect and file names/extensions

// 01-08-08
// v14alpha36
1. added support for nikon D3/300 camera - but never tested with physical cameras
2. fix teps-security key issues
3. when in ck mode and in either exclusion/junk mask adjustment, fix displays of cropping tools when dragging out of marque
4. fix issues to add more images from the folderIconButton from the thumbnail tool bar
5. fix updating the value when moving the adjustment slider when in ck or special one up mode
6. fix redraw issues when dragging sliders with many ck templates in the ckTemplateCategory Window

// v14alpha35
1. Added Newer Canon Camera Support - Supports the Digital Rebel XTi and greater
2. Navigation Window issues fixed when save as used
3. Print to File Sets fixed issues

// 11-20-07
// v14alpha34
// v14alpha33
1. JOB version between teps-x and processor changed
2. fix ck issues with junk mask and exclusion mask

// 11-16-07
// v14alpha32
1. fix ck values not being sent to the processor

// 11-16-07
// v14alpha31
1. update the v14 key counter values and reflect in window
2. replace internal navigation window calls
3. fix issue with ck when "auto-switch ck template" is enabled

// 11-15-07
// v14alpha30
1. New key detection fixes

// 11-13-07
// v14alpha22
1. fix possible crashing when clicking on printCanvas or printPackage if adjust window NOT closed in CK mode
2. fix few internal bugs

// 11-08-07
// v14alpha18
1. santastic key will ONLY work teps-amusematte
2. regular teps-x will ONLY work with teps-x
3. speedup reading of the key
4. make the apple-option-control key bypass the validations of folders/aliashandles
5. only check for accessIO box if teps-amusematte version

// 11-01-07
// v14alpha17
1. save "create default if not found" to plist
2. fix crashing when key is not found

// 10-31-07
// v14alpha16
1. show the security key info in the startupSplashScreen and the aboutBox

// 10-26-07
// v14alpha15
1. /try to fix issue when there is NO media options read-in from package pref - dont touch the existing one
(use with printCenter v4.5.6)

// 10-26-07
// v14alpha14
1. save packages out to v14 fromat
2. read packages file from v13 and v14
3. changed NikonCameraControlWindow to just have TWO buttons = OKAY and "Set As Default"
4. do NOT auto setAsDefault when okay button is clicked
5. give better window title name to Save Teps Preferences

// 10-25-07
// v14alpha13
1. for utilities window title, use Use "Comic Sans MS" Bold,Extended, 18pt Blue
2. changed the job headers between processor and print center
3. changed discover logo for santastic
4. make the TNoTouchWindow shift up by 20 pixels

// 10-19-07
// v14alpha12
1. save more prefs to pref file
2. fix issue with 9810 jobs (requires printCenter v4.5.4+)
3. fix issue with 8500 - but NEVER tested
4. try to fix issue with saving print to file set to smb volumes
5. fix tool tip in edit template mode windows
6. fix step4 ck and color pixel
7. fix utility window - use standard stripes and requires new Tekton Bold Font Blue 18pt

// 10-15-07
// v14alpha11
1. make raw image readable again
2. make nikon camera settings match up physical camera and the popup menu
3. always save the nikon camera settings when user clicks on 'okay'
4. make nikon fineTuneWindow work
5. implemented saving/loading of more prefs
6. when in santastic mode - use larger text edit window
7. larger camera status window
8. save camera hot folder settings to pref.plist files

Print Center Read Me
// 2009-01-11
// v4.6.2
1. Fixed UPDR-200 detection issue

// 2008-12-12
// v4.6.1
1. add new 2145 matte and print mode options
2. fix issue with 1245 print mode option

// 2008-11-13
// v4.5.20
1. give better messages/warnings for sony usb printers

// 2008-10-10
// 4.5.19
1. give better messages/warnings for mitsu 3800 printer

// 2008-08-29
// v4.5.18
1. fix key verification for custom versions

// 2008-08-12
// v4.5.17
1. added mitsu 3800 "real" print quantity command the worked

// 2008-08-16
// v4.5.17
1. fix cp9800 default.cpd file

// 2008-07-01
// v4.5.15
1. fix 6x9 paper size issue for 9800 printer

// 2008-06-27
// v4.5.14
1. added support for 3800 and print qty (old command)

// 2008-06-02
// v4.5.13
1. added support mitsu 3800 printer

// 05-23-08
// v4.5.12
1. Fix UP-DR200 buffer lockup

// 03-06-08
// v4.5.8
1. finish implementing the expert feature for the sony usb printers

// 03-05-08
// v4.5.8
1. fix issue with older firmware of sony cr10L
2. show the remaining media counts for the sony usb printers
3. added support for sony updr200

// 01-04-08
// v4.5.7
1. Fixed SnapLab with old firmware communication problems
2. Validates 9045 and 1245 jobs
3. Media left in Sony info window now shows up.

// 10-29-07
// v4.5.6
1. if media option is zero - then force to 5x7 index for updr150
2. always enable 'turn on' option for the media pref

// 10-25-07
// v4.5.5
1. changed job header and structure to match teps-processor