TEPS-x Read Me
06/17/08 NEW Ver X v 13.0a51

Warning! The TEPS-X preferences will be updated. If your settings are extremely important we recommend you do not replace the original preference file during installation.

Note: You must be using OS 10.4.8 or above.

Please Note: Password default is "TRIPRISM"

06/17/08 NEW Ver X v 13.0a51
(85.8 MB)

Print Center Read Me
// v3.1.20
// 12-20-07
1. supports cut mode for gr700

// v3.1.19
// 11-29-07
1. fix the old snapLab firmware version issue - but users should really update their firmware
so the correct value is returned by the snaplab

// 06-17-08
// v13alpha51
1. fix issue rotation issue when start sitting and rotation on

// 04-03-08
// v13alpha50
1. Added AutoFill barcode with Time Date Stamp for users who want pre generated Bar Codes.

// 03-31-08
// v13alpha49
1. fixed issue with rotation when autoLoadCkTemplate is ON

// 02-04-08
// v13alpha48
1. added prompt feature for preview images when remove images from thumbnail is checked on.

// 01-29-08
// v13alpha47
1. remove debug message "restore date"

// 12-20-07
// v13alpha46
1. added cut mode to media pref for OP800 printer - REQUIRES new
2. fix "save composition as" when in leopard

// 11-27-07
// v13alpha44
1. fix newSpecial Mode and not clicking on "done" when applying new zoom/shift changes
2. fix ck mode with print all - and the rotation may been stuck off

// 11-01-07
// v13alpha43
1. see print center with issue with 9045 not being recognized correctly
2. fix issue with double clicking in dragNdrop mode when ckPref preview with ck template happened to be turned off

// 10-05-07
// v13alpha42
1. fix old sony transfer problem with USB 1.0 Hub connected via USB 2.0 computers

// 08-29-07
// v13alpha41
1. fix issue with updr150 cut mode with 6x8 media

// 08-01-07
// v13alpha40
0. REQUIRES TepsPrintCenter v3.1.13
1. use new method to retreive date/time from camera pc-card
2. added shinko new matte option for 1245 printer (MUST have Upgraded 1245's firmware)
3. fix issue with sony updr150 w/ firmware v4.0+ and cut modes

// v13a39
Internal Release Only

// 06-28-07
// v13alpha38 test2
2. when folder name is teps-barcodeFolder, auto check the doNotPrompt option
3. when using previewModeWithBarcode, nav window opens to last selected folder
4. fix the lingering progressIndicator when clicking on "edit order" from the summary order window
5. fix issues when going between the newSpecialCKMode and the other modes
6. add pref that toggles for preview with colorsync
7. allow pcCards in consumer usb camera to considered as a cfFlash
(if it shows up on the desktop as a volume, it should be seen as a cf card)

// 06-27-07
// v13alpha38 test
1. do not create the Nodes folder inside the vendor version
2. remove the debug message left when using teps barcode mode
3. fix problem of identifying the usb DRIVE as a CF Card
4. created the [teps-x for share] version

// 06-25-07
// v13alpha37 vendor version
1. added the sony gr700 to the vendor version
2. added shinko version with new prefs for 2145

// 06-12-07
// v13alpha36
1. make the "auto locate pc card" search method be the newer method
ie cameraHotFolder and cameraPCCard start sitting modes searches for a pc-card regardless of name
must point to the root directory - just in case
2. stop the slide show when printing a package
3. show a progress box when in preview images mode - before it when a folder had lots of images - it took a while
before entering operations window

// 06-05-07
// v13alpha35
1. fix issue in special one up mode and save zoom/shift to ALL Images INDEPENDENT of save ck to ALL iamges
2. Fixes issue so that we dont need THREE ck template files for Auto Switch CK template if orientation switches pref
3. clean up a couple of resources

// 05-31-07
// v13alpha34
1. try to fix rotation issue - match image orientation to template options

// 5-29-07
// v13alpha33
1. remove debug message when entering camera-pc-card start sitting mode

// 05-24-07
// v13alpha32
1. fix hot holder issue when using new canon remote capture software

// 05-22-07
// v13alpha31
// 5-14-07
1. fix zoom and ck prefs for marked/all images with cdWrite and floppyWrite
// 5-11-07
2. fix issue with drag and drop mode prints the wrong image if all/marked images
// 04-26-07
3. fix zoom/shift issue for marked images

// 4-17-07
// v13alpha26 (was 13a25.4)
1. fix rotation problem when previewing canvas current image as defined option
2. fix floppy output name issue
3. remove the extra "space" that was at the end of the "teps-x v13 prefs" file embedded in the package
this caused the app to not the default prefs
4. remove two debug messages??? while in ck mode when previewing

// 04-13-07
1. set new factory default values for old time color (from Bill V)
2. allow writing to flash drive to be same as floppy drive
3. fix crashing issues with writing to the floppy/flash drive in various modes
4. fix crashing issue when in ck mode - blank image in ck template and then print current image
5. used new factory "teps-x v13 pref" which links in new gr700 templates (from todd)

// 04-06-07
V13alpha 24
1. Fixed an issue with the print center only sending one print at a time.
2. Realized that the 8660 and 8650 need to run in rosetta mode on intel macs.

// 03-27-07
1. pass gr700 sharpness setting from teps-x to print center
2. pass 9810 sharpness and laminate settings from teps-x to print center

// 03-21-07
// 03-19-07
1. added media options to gr700 on per canvas basis
2. fix long name issue with print to file
3. fix issue with rotated exclusion mask
4. added new factory default for teps-processor

// 03-13-07
1. fix issue with compiling yearbook when user selects folder thru nav window instead of popup
2. fix issue old time color settings not being used all the time (sepia prefs were being used instead)

v13alpha22 for pma show
(added sony upgr700 for tradeshow
1. fix crashing when "auto switch ck template if orientation switches" is enabled in the ck mode
2. fix problem with doubly applying the oldtime/sepia color algo when in ck mode

// 02-27-07
1. try to fix issue with variable angles and exclusion mask
2. fix crash if no image selected in ck mode and then do apply current settings to...
3. fix lockup issue when tryiing to rename file on SMB mounted drives (rather NON-AFP volumes)

// spooler for all teps
1. fix memory leak if "save as ck template" attribute is on

// 02-19-07
1. fix redraw of the "configure" button when in camera pc-card mode
2. always unmount pc-card when in camera pc-card mode start sitting
3. added apple-option-control to prevent checking for possible server sharepoints
when not physically connected to original network config
4. fix pref issue with unable to turn of the use of the backup folder
5. remove excessive message when a single backup folder could not be found
6. added old time color pref checkbox when in the "change canvas setup" window from
from the print tool bar

// 02-09-07
// teps-x
1. added old time color option in addition to sepia color conversion
2. show better progress messages at startup screen
3. added 3 more backup folder options
4. fix two-up mode with thumbnail window for todays wide screen macs
(old screen we forced the thumbnail width to be shorter by the width of print toolbar)
( and the image preview window was the entire width of the monitor)

// v13.0alpha16
1. added old time color support which is faded color

// v13.0alpha15
1. added shinko 2145 printer
2. added folder stamp option to show parts A/B/C
5. fix issue where foldername stamp truncates at 31 chars
6. make the "clear exclusion mask" work - this then solved the rotation with variable angle issue and also
make sure it is saved as part of ck default pref

1. remove older cd pref in regular teps
2. fix cd pref ui issue
3. in ck mode, allow marked/all images all pages to work

// v13.0alpha12
1. for photofusion version - put back ALL the printer outputs
2. when in start sitting mode and in special one up mode
- copy the default color settings to new images
3. fix bug to copy all images for a job when "auto-load ck template to match thumbnail orientation"
is checked and printing in drag&drop mode
4. fix problem with ck zoom/shift not following when in package mode
5. fix package count issue so that if package qty greater than 1 is set - it will multiply all the counts
6. added new finder icon for teps-processor job files
7. added new finder icon for teps package files

// 10-26-06
// v13.0alpha10/11
1. created the photofusion version

// 10-19-06
// v13.0alpha10
2. to avoid confusion, dont check for output filename type "image name + graphic name"
to determine if we should save to subfolder or to original folder
- uncheck the checkbox when dimming the save to original folder
- do not use the output filename type to check if image should be saved to original folder

// v13.0alpha9
// 10-13-06
1. added new finder icons for teps related files such as templates, ck templates, pref files, etc.

// v13.0alpha
1. allow images to be dragged onto teps icon and open in the preview image mode or
added to the thumbnail of an opened operation window

2. added support for Olmec/IOP800 printer

3. added new media for shinko 1245 (12" long paper - requires updated firmware)

4. added support for sony UP-CX1/UP-CR10L

5. added a clear button in the exclusion mask window

6. added "save to original folder" option in the print-to-file pref
(need to set filename to image name + template name"

7. created internal drivers to support disc burning (ie write to cd canvases)
no longer require scripting of external software/plugin such as xburn or toast

8. improved ui and functionality of disc burning
- no reliance on apple script
- better error handling
- better feedback of progress/errors/stages of disc burning
- better notification when disc is done by presenting a panel with the thumbnail of the burnt image

9. when a graphic is selected from the "CUT-OUT Files" folder within the "Teps Graphics Folder"
change graphic window will ignore that graphic

10. added package count to the "get print count" window