TEPS-x v12 Read Me
TEPS for OS X Software Notes 9/8/06
OSX TIGER USERS ONLY NEW Ver X v 12.7 b7 with 2.0.6UBC Print Center

Warning! The TEPS-X preferences will be updated. If your settings are extremely important we recommend you do not replace the original preference file during installation.

Note: You must be using OS 10.4.3 or above.

Please Note: Password default is "TRIPRISM"

OSX TIGER USERS ONLY NEW Ver X v 12.7 b7 with 2.0.6UBC Print Center
(89.8 Mb)

// 09-06-06
// release as v12.7b7
1. added fix for exclusion mask problem

// 7-31-06
// released to mitsu for their vendor version
1. fix isue with mitsu prefs
2. requires new print center that has new calls to mitsu framework
3. created the teps-x for shinko version
4. fixed pref window for mitsu printers
5. fix about box for processor to refelct current year

// 7-06-06
// 6-30-06
// release v12.7b5
1. added fine/superFine modes to mitsu printers
2. modified wordings in some of the mitsu printers settings
3. most changes were in the print center

// 06-26-06
// release as v12.7b4
1. put back missing library needed for kodaks sharpen library
2. fix problem with kodak vendor version not working correctly when double-clicking
3. created new function to force some of the factory defaults in the future in addition
to the above item
4. added 5x7 media option to the 6850 printer

// 7-06-06
// released as v2.0.5
1. fixed issue with gamma for 3020
2. fixed color conversion issues (ie contrast table) with mitsu printers 95xx and 3020s
3. try to fix issue with sending 8x12 image to older 3020 - still has overflow issue

// 6-26-06
// released as v2.0.4
1. added support for 5x7 media for 6850 printer
2. fixed compatibility issue between the 6800 and 6850 structure sizes

// 06-16-06
// release as version 12.7b3
1. added mitsu 3020dau
2. added printing pref specific to 3020dau
3. added 6850 to be compatible with 6800 (requires print center v2.0.3 to print correctly to both)
4. fix some template/media factory defaults for vendor versions

// 06-16-06
// release as version 2.0.3UBC universal binary code version
// REQUIRES the following framework
CPDImageFilter.framework v2.20 ubc
0. versions 2.0.x is the start of the universal binary code version
1. support the 3020dau
2. support the new print prefs for the 3020 dau
3. support both kodak 6800 and 6850 thru the same driver
4. try to fix issue with sony updr150 printer with the reserve/release issue
5. for the shinko model printers ( includes kodak 6800/6850 ) - slight amount of sharpen is auto applied
6. fix problem with sony updr150 and not printing correctly to the 6x8 (2K) media type

// 05-18-06
// release as version v12.7b1
// 05-17-06
// 05-16-06
1. Changed Name of the original Mitsu CP3020 to "CP-3020DU"
2. Added Another printer item for Mitsu "CP-3020DAU"
3. fix problem where exclusionMask is NOT being saved to the factory default
after being reset back to an empty rect
4. added pref to allow ck mode NOT always output to external monitor

// 05-03-06
1. Added New Nikon Library for D200 raw images
// Need to Add/Replace these:
// ALSO Need to add NEW PROFILES

// 04-21-06
// v12.6b4
1. fix problem with hideExtension and hideImageNumber when enabled for fileName Stamp
problem only occurred in dragNDrop and CK modes if there is stamp by itself
if in a node, no problem

// 04-11-06
// beta v12.6b2
1. allow clicking outside the exclusion mask to clear mask
2. fix issue with png file when image file is zoomed out smaller than image object rect
used to show undesired white in remaining image object rect
3. fix issue with deleting images in the CameraPCCard mode
4. clear out erroneous alpha channel when not saving alpha channel
(usually finder thumbnail is missing the fg image)

// 04-10-06
// beta v12.6b1
// NEW JOB VERSION - processor and teps-x must match up
1. added exclusion mask feature
really need to test if it has the desired effect
2. fix problemw ith progress window closing when pc-card is empty in pc-card camera mode

// 04-10-06
// beta v12.5b11test5
1. fix problem with PC-Card CAMERA mode when loading images from subfolders
2. added "Jpeg for Web" as an output option for Print to File Set pref in processor
3. fix slow creation of empty nodes
4. fix the "NO_NAME" file issue in print to file set

// 03-30-06
// beta v12.5b11test4
1. created new method to auto select ck template to match image orientation
2. fix bug with long file names when saving to print to file sets
3. fix issue with ck properties not being saved before printing
4. fix bug to set correct default properties when outputting print to files
5. force constrain all PNGs to be no larger than 640x640

// 03-24-06
// beta v12.5b11test3
0. NEW job version - processor and tepsx must match up
1. added new input camera mode called "Camera PC-Card" (for customers like ashley who
eventually wants to upload to
2. fix problem in ck mode for "print current package for ALL/Marked Images" mode
3. fix prompt for group photo when using "print current package for ALL/Marked Images"
4. fix prompt for editable text when using "print current package for ALL/Marked Images"

// 03-01-06
// release v12.5b10 officially

// 02-28-06
1. used latest prefs and templates for the custom vendor versions
// 02-27-06
1. remove erroneous test code when accessing getPrintCount menu Item
// 02-25-06
1. fix 9810 printing to 8x12 ribbon
2. got the 9810 adjustment tool to work. requires kodak test image called:
"/Teps-Print Center Folder/Test Folder/9810 BGR TestFile.raw"
// 02-24-06
// released as v12.5b10 for pma show
1. allow vendor version to copy factory default like in regular teps
(need all new prefs from tom)
2. added "Print CURRENT Package for MARKED images"
3. also try to prevent group photo from being printed when doing "Print Current Package for All/Marked Images"
4. add warning/error message when clicking on "Start Sitting" Button while in demo mode

// 03-03-06
// release as version 1.12.10
1. added 9810 utility window for printer alignment procedure
(requires a 9810 test image in /Test Folder/9810 BGR TestFile.raw )
2. fix print quantity problem with 9810 (was forced to one always before)
3. allow 8x12 image to be sent to 8x12 media for 9810

// 02-20-06
// v12.5b9
1. added support for nidkon d200 but NOT tested
2. added color control for the noritsu
3. removed unwanted debug message when in start sitting with pc card
4. added button icon to grab image in the sitting window when input is nikon or kodak camera
5. added checkbox option to "not prompt" for confirmation of creation of start sitting folder name
6. fix problem with not loading/saving/updating defocus related values in adjust window (ck mode and adjust button)

// 02-13-06
// v12.5b8
1. added "cut in half" option for 9810
2. added "resize method" option for noritsu (default is real size NOW)
3. removed the accidental debug message "need to crop and resize"
4. when NO pref file is in the user pref folder, teps will copy from an interal pref file
for the corresponding teps-X or teps-processor.
5. remembers the als image now when returning from "edit template" or "edit ck template"
6. when teps output print-to-files files, 0 degrees is stamped in file
(when user adds or polls that folder, no new rotation would occur)
7. allow thumbnail view to be sorted by database field - need to be customer order mode database and all images

// 02-13-06
// release as version 1.12.9
1. applies the cut-in-half option for 9810 (need TepsX v12.5b8+)
2. applies the resizeMethod option for noritsu (need TepsX v12.5b8+)

// 02-07-06
// release as version v1.12.8
1. fix Kodak 9810 cutting prints in half.

// 02-03-06
// v12.5b7 release to all
1. fix library conflict issues with nikon direct connect
2. fix the centering issue problem with 9810 - to be used with printCenter v1.12.7

// 01-13-06
// v12.5b7 released to scott rogers only
1. fix issue locked jpegs in pc-card mode
2. fix issue issue with pointing to wrong folder path when node is missing

// 02-03-06
// release as version v1.12.7
1. forced noritsu net order printer to never resize - uses original image pixels.
(next version will allow popup pref to change this option)
2. fixed the centering of the kodak 9810 - but requires corresponding teps-x
3. ability to search for sony's latest firmware version - need to be included in new packagizer

// 12-15-05
// v12.5b6
0. added new library for Canon camera - make sure camera body has latest firmware update
1. fix issues with outputting to long file names for print to file (longer image names may still have the extra hex values)
2. remove spaces in prefix and suffix of barcode-scanned/manual-entered id field
3. convert canon raw file to tif file for the "jump to" command
4. allow duplication of database object
5. fix crash when marking new group photo
6. when saving ck template, limit the length of name to 31 characters
7. set the default radio when saving template to ck template
8. added beta code to print to new kodak 9810 - job header changed
1. fix expert mode
2. remove spaces in prefix and suffix scanned id

// 12-15-05
// release as v1.12.6
1. allow newer version firmwares of chc-1945 to show up in print center
2. allow newer version firmwares of chc-1245 to show up in print center
3. try to fix more 9810 related issues

// 11-22-05
// v12.5b5 - CHANGED Print Center Job Version Header - requires printCenter v12.5 and higher
// version released to say cheese
1. allow image name, template name, and package name (if any) on back of noritsu prints
2. fix file name stamp problem in processor
3. improve speed of loading thumbnails of images, ck template, and graphics (no more threads)

// 11-22-05
// release as v1.12.5
Requires Teps-x v12.5b5+
1. print image name, template name, and package name on back of noritsu prints

// 11-17-05
// release as version v1.12.3
1. fix issue with noritsu and fractional paper length
2. fix timing issues with new faster G5s

// 11-07-05
// renumbered to v12.5b1
// v12a9
1. if customer order mode and preview images, then only shows the first group of images if any
(used to load all the images because there were no .info files in that folder)
2. add pref to allow ck window to stay open after selecting one
3. try to improve speed of loading ck template thumbnails and graphic thumbnails
4. allow 6800 color setting to be applied

// 09-23-05
// v12a8
1. reverse the fix for rotated image object in ck template (childress first)
this fixed the problem with images being erroneously rotated in regular print to file
if the orginal image was landscape and image was then rotated to portrait in thumbnail view
2. do not assign 9550 jobs as 9000/9500 for mitsu
3. pass correct mitsu settings to corresponding printer (used to send 9000/9500 settings to 9550 printer jobs)
4. load correct corresponding ck/zoom/shift/color values when doing "save marked images as ck template"

// 11-07-05
// release as version v1.12.2
// not sure if v1.12.1 was ever out there.
0. requires the latest version of teps to have correct noritsu paper size popups in teps-x prefs
1. use dual buffer pref is always from teps print center - ignores the one
passed thru from teps processor - will remove that soon
2. fix sony usb printing issues when opening cover to replace paper
3. allows sony updr150 to upload new firmware if needed
4. enable teps print center main window to hide on suspend (when not frontmost process)
5. change main window have metallic appearance - user can select/drag window on any metallic surface

// 10-14-05
// v1.11.7
1. fix noritsu driver to send to installed papers first then to registered papers
2. if noritsu printer is not set for net order mode, then job will not get sent
(used to end up in jobs not printed folder)
3. make sure we are getting a valid next order number when sending jobs to net order

// 09-23-05
// v1.11.6
1. fix so that 9000/9500 jobs only print to 9000/9500
and 9550 jobs print to 9550 printer only
2. fix crashing when printing to 9550 and using new mitsu color library

// 10-24-05
// v1.11.7
1. fix UP-DR150 printing issue when printer goes into Head In Cooling.

// 09-12-05
// v12a7
1. added funtionality to save print log info
2. added pref to point to print log file
3. added library for nikon d50
(remember need to remove nikon libs from the system path)

// 09-01-05
// v12.0a6
NEW JOB VERSION NUMBER FOR Teps-PrintCenter(v1.11.5) to print correctly
1. use new canon libs
2. allow for more than 999 images and update them correctly in thumbnail view
3. allow user to enter marked image number greater than 999
4. fix pref issue it did not read from pref file even when v11 existed
5. added 99550 contrast setting to pref
6. fix issue where editable text does not prompt when an attribute object is before the editable text object
7. fix camera hot folder mode when customer order mode is on
8.fix crash in drag and drop mode when clicking on defocus
9. fix rotated image object on ck template
10. added mitsu 3020 library to get better output
11. added mitsu 9550 library to get better output
12. added menu item (apple-1) to bring all windows to front in case there is some problem
13. added fine mode option to shinko 8x10 printer pref

// 09-06-05
// v1.11.5
1. CHANGED JOB VERSION NUMBER again to support new prefs for shinko and mitsu
2. support fine mode printing for shinko 8x10
3. added mitsu library to improve color of 9550 and 3020
4. fix lookup table for 3020 prints (used to have dithered area in 255 region
5. pass print quantity to noritsu net order jobs

// 08-18-02
// v1.11.2
1. fix noritsu paper sizing issue during noritsu open house in LA

// 08-17-05
// v12.0a5next
1. NOTE: NEW JOB VERSIONS to support noritsu (MUST USE Teps-PrintCenter v1.11.1+)
2. add initial support for noritsu printer via netorder mode
3. fix crashing when creating new prefs from scatch (ie no v11 nor v12 pref ever existed)
4. fix problem with loading multiple pages for templates with non-zero marked indices
5. update the progress window when using "save to folder"
6. make "save to folder all" save images with rotation from the thumbnail view

// NOTE: v1.10+ versions of PrintCenter requires v12+ (or beta v11b10+) of Teps-X
// Job header has changed to support the new printers

// 08-17-05
// v1.11.1
2. supports noritsu printer in netorder mode

main difference between "v12+/v11b160+ versions" and "v155 and earlier" is the CK algorithm.
tried to use the new one but had too much problem so we preserved the original algorithm.
also v12/v160+ is the packaged app version.
hopefully changes are maintained in both projects

Note - v12+ has noritsu printer in the list - but it does NOT work right now!

// 08-02-05
// v12.0a3
1. REQUIRES NEW v12 security keys
2. fix crashing of nikon camera when disconnected
3. fix problem with acquiring images from d1x when starting new sitting
4. added support for upd75
5. added support for mitsu 9550 and 3020
6. remove sony upd2600 printer and settings
7. save acquired nikon raw files with .NEF instead of JPG

// 06-24-05
// v11b166next
- fix bogus warning message with netmatte key and print to file sets outputs
- added missing sharpen library for kodak .dcr images

// 06-07-05
// 11b165
- make customer order mode work in start sitting and preview modes
- remove test code when selecting rotate 90 under the thumbnail view
- fix loading of all images in customer order mode
- fix CK preview and processor CK to match

// 06-02-05 v164
- rebuilt the app from v163
there was some inconsistency problem with v163 and ck outputs
1. try to fix issue with hot folder and customer order mode

// v163 down to v160
// should have all the changes from v150+
1. make v160+ a packaged app (MAJOR)
2. use new CK algorithm with defocus (MAJOR)
3. added junk mask feature
4. fix angle rotation in conjunction junk mask
5. save the variable angle rotation to image when pref is enabled
6. fix bogus message when printing to processor from drag and drop mode
7. fix funky color problem with ck mode and rotation
8. make markII camera work properly
9. implemented new exposure levels for KODAK images
10. make canon 20D work (still have problems with setting the f-stops)
11. add 2nd junk mask option
12. duplicate prefs better esp upgrading old version to new version (internal)
13. need dongle to save image with mask
14. fix problem when writing job to a locked path
15. reconfigure camera handlers from file handlers (internal)
16. read kodak images from CD
17. save print to file set and create a subfolder
18. added support for CANON camera

main difference between "v160 versions" and "v155 and earlier" is the CK algorithm.
tried to use the new one but had too much problem so we preserved the original algorithm.
also v160+ is the packaged app version.
hopefully changes are maintained in both projects

// NOTE: v1.10+ versions of PrintCenter requires v12+ (or beta v11b10+) of Teps-X
// Job header has changed to support the new printers

// 08-02-05
// v1.11.0
1. fix issue with jobs not being sent to 2nd buffer to dr150 while printing
2. support the firmware uploading for sony usb printers (updr150, upd75)
3. added support for sony upd75

// 7-06-05
// v1.10.3newJobHeader
// also created new target for mitsubishi-only version
1. added mitsubishi 3020

// 6-21-05
// v1.10.2
1. allow 9550 to print

// 5/9/05
1. fix USB problem and bad job version issues

// 4-30-05
// v1.10.1
1. updated the job header to support new options of new printers