TEPS-2000 Ver 11.xx Read Me
TEPS for OS X Software Notes 4/13/05 NEW Ver X v 11.0 a154 with 1.9.15 Print Center

Warning! The TEPS-2000 preferences will be updated. If your settings are extremely important we recommend you do not replace the original preference file during installation.

Note: You must be using OS 10.2.1 or above.

Please Note: Password default is "TRIPRISM"


// 05-04-05
// 1.9.15 Print Center
1. Try to fix issue printing to Shinko s1245.

// 04-13-05
// v11a154
1. Fixed issue capturing with Nikon D70 in CK Mode randomly, while using external monitor(s).

// 04-01-05
// v11a153
1. Fixed issue from v11a152 and the 8500 not printing.
2. Added printing capability to the Shinko 1245 & 9045, Sony UP-DR150, Mitsubishi 9000/9500.

// 04-01-05
// 1.9.13 Print Center

// 03-10-05
// v11a152
1. Changes will be announced once this version is released as a non-beta version.

// 01-02-05
// v11.0a127
1. THE MAJOR change in this version is the use of the New CK Library
but still using OLD function calls.
2. another change is to do the high res output with ck alpha channel via "print to file sets"
this would be set from the output canvas pref for print-to-file set n:
3. fix issue with reading quicktime files and NOT apply embedded profile

// 01-02-05
// v1.9.11
1. try to fix problem where if a printer item is halted and a new job comes in,
dont assign the job to that printer. then there is no way to remove or delete that job
anymore thru teps-printCenter.
2. change text in pref window to reflect "teps-printcenter" instead of "teps os-x spool folder
mainmenu.nib file changed

// 12-14-04

1. fix issue with crashing when jumping to external image editor
2. added numeric code "[code =nn]" when displaying the intermittant message "Could Not Complete Printing Because an Error Occurred"
3. total time of each job is written to the "Print Log File"
4. fix issue with reading newer objects in templates and nodes

// 11-16-04
// 11-10-04
1. fix database object in layout view having the wrong pop item after looking at pref
2. fix package window with missing texts and labels
3. fix package price error
4. fix problem with sepiatone window crashing teps
5. show marked image index next to each node object (with nonzero marked image) in layout object list window
6. added new pref to swap order of creation of auto-nodes (used to be only across then down/ now can be down first then across
7. default back to standard object cursor in layout view
8. redraw oject list window on clicking apply in node view object window
9. added pref to delay before copying new image from camera hot folder (for larger files nikon d2h, canon 20d, etc)

// 11-05-04
1. added utility to mark a folder of images as yearbook photo (the last one of the same base id will be the yearbook photo)
2. added utility to move and delete ck templates
3. added support for nikon d2h (assumes nikon d2h module is installed)
4. fix problem with missing ck fine tune window (from step #4) in ck adjust window

// 10-28-04
1. added support for writing to prehistoric floppy disk (only tested with usb floppy drive)
2. added color well pref to external video monitor
3. use new ck open window when default ck template is not found at startup of operations window
4. changed ck zoom pref to do ck template in a default preview canvas (instead of another ck template)
5. implemented auto-mark new images in start sitting
6. remove some debug messages (ie the FSMakeFSRefUnicode success message) (note .info file not written correctly)

// 10-21-04
1. fix nikon file types in pref
2. force background color of external monitor view to be black

// 10-20-04
1. fix redraw issues (esp texts) in ck mode within image preview window
2. fix remove hierachical menu
3. fix popup (when holding down mouse on image object) not showing up in ck mode
4. fix crash when "clearing"(using delete key) image in ck mode

// 10-19-04
1. added new feature for auto-zooming selectable ck template preview for new images
2. added pref to select double-click in ck mode to be either zooming in on original image or zooming in on image
3. make "okay" the default action in couple of the ck loading/saving dialog windows
4. delete the associated .i file when deleting image
6. fix issue where the ck templates at top of popup do not load for the first time
7. close all ck template window, adjust window after printing in ck and special one up mode
8. ck zoom/shift/colorAdjust values are saved to pref default when clicking on "save as default"
9. ck adjustment values are saved to pref default when clicking on "save as default"
10. updated prefs wording for ck prefs
11. added pref to select preview ck template
12. added pref to custom define 'double click' (zoom) action in ck mode
13. fix issue with thumbnails not showing up in pending jobs of tep-processor
14. ck adjust window opens in last opened tab view
15. fix redraw issue with editable text in ck mode
16. fix slow redraw when moving/zooming in drag n drop and ck modes
17. started to fix issues with long file names (NOT FINISHED)
(if no one is using long names, then should have no effect)
fixed in:
- rename
- filename stamps
- folder name stamps
- folder names in image preview window

NOTE: started to fix long name issues - not done yet
NOT fixed:
- for long names in camera start sitting modes (can rename to longer afterwards)

// 09-23-04
// version 11a106
1. search for nikon modules in nikon installed folder too
2. added more camera settings to nikon control window (image size, type, aperture, shutter)
3. nikon camera settings are sent to camera body at each start sitting and after reconnection
4. fixed a bunch of internal nikon issues with the different camera types

// 09-16-04
// version 11a105
1. allow auto reconnect of nikon camera after a lost connection due to power, physical cable, etc
2. try to allow database fields of 255 chars each
3. add option to NOT copy images when compiling orders
4. have correct extension show up when toggling among different output file types when saving
5. added PNG support
6. for customer order mode, allow user to start with image number other than 1
7. try to speed up drawing of drag and drop and ck mode
8. fix image setting close box issue in edit layout view mode
9. fix that rare case of crashing when loading prefs
10. in ck mode, added various options to save composite or image with/without mask or just mask, etc as png
11. give option to enable database mode in operations window when it's turned off in pref
12. allow jump to thumbnail to access 4digit thumbnail image number
13. link help to new "Teps Manual.pdf"
14. added some more nikon camera settings to pref - (NOT all working)
15. bring kiosk window to front after preview
16. link help to new pdf file name
17. fix erroneous message in teps processor with netmatte key and PrintToFileSetC and PrintToFileSetD
18. improve display of image object with border (>1pix) in layout view
19. make spacebar release camera shutter when NOT in customer order mode

// 09-01-04
// version 11a104
1. search for nikon d1/d1x/d100/d70 cameras
2. add "skip all" button in warning window when importing existing records to database
3. try to speed reading of kodak dcr images when sharpness is OFF
4. fix issue with customer order mode and nikon camera input
5. fix print issue with multiple CK image objects

// version 103
1. force nikon camera handler to look for d70 only

// version 11a102
// version 11a101 for brian proex

1. add nikon camera handler to tether d1/d1x to teps
add ability to read nikon .NEF files - (not able to change settings afterwards)
2. fix copied kodak .dcr filename to .tif when using jump to image editor
3. add progress windows when reading/importing/merging database file
4. fix kodak click balance window for radius/noise kodak image correction
5. fix resetting of color adjust values
6. initialize both path and media info when set to factory for output canvases
7. fix print-to-file sets issue - make sure all paths work
8. fix zoom/shift error message when image aspect ratio is same as crop aspect ratio
9. fix issue with write protected or locked kodak .tif or .dcr images
10. fix issue with canon mark II camera and canon remote capture

1. make CK image object rotate on the fly in CK mode - (not saved to template yet)
2. add function to save CK mask to a file
3. add function to save CK mask as an alpha channel in a mask???
4. real time color adjust in special one up mode
5. make button to apply color adjust to marked/all images
6. make button to apply zoom/shift to marked/all images
7. new window to select and save CK template - allows CK template to be saved as regular template (not vice versa yet)
8. draw all object layers under the CK image object - used to be just graphic
9. two CK image object in spooler works
10. fix apply to all in drag n drop with unoccupied image objects
11. change slider to scroll for rotation of image object

// 08-05-04
// version 11b15
1. fix problem with editing key database field (ie field1 )
2. added additional progress windows when reading/loading/updating database

// 08-05-04
// version 11b14
1. fix image name filename from "Print to File Set" from CK mode
2. fix possible path problem when printing "Print to File Set"

// 07-12-04
// release as v1.9.9 debug2
1. fixed issue with Pictorgraphy. Recognizes that printer is not offline when online.

// 07-09-04
// version 11b13
1. really fix canon mark_II images in hot folder mode

// 07-08-04
// version 11b12
1. fix issue memory leak when applying kodak sharpen function
2. added 3 new look profiles to kodak image files if supported
3. show dimmed names of kodak look profiles instead of showing dimmed "not available"
4. try to fix canon mark_II images with new Canon EOS Viewer and Capture Software
5. try to fix issue with locked or read-only kodak files

// 07-07-04
// version 11b11
1. fix issue with ck template without ck image object and the adjust button in ck mode

// 06-18-04
1. show correct scsi printer names

// 06-17-04
// version 11b10BETA
1. add BETA version of 8500/86xx/6800 UI prefs (8500 requires teps-printCenter v1.9.7)
2. fix kodak images where old firmware embedded invalid look profile data
3. most 'delete' operations are now 'move to trash' operations
4. fix issue with auto-locate - will now eject disks first as in older version
5. update filename under thumbnail view after being renamed
6. fix odd issue of very delayed pause when sending jobs to processor (CK/overlay/text on nodes)
7. added color settings for mitsubishi printer prefs
8. added "Show Customer Database Record" to editable text button in print toolbar
9. fix re-draw of graphic category icons when "printing all orders" from main menu
10. is redraw of group photo icon box when no group photo loaded in drag and drop view
11. fix repeat starting when in customer order mode
12. fix reloading of images when jumping to edit template and then returning to operations window

// 6-10-04
// version 11b9
1. fix issue with ck adjust window not working correctly if "kiosk window open at startup" not enabled
2. show customer order window in preview images even if input set to file and enable customer order mode
3. created new database text object
(note: templates/nodes created from v11b9 can only be read by older version if it does NOT have
the new database text object )
(note: v11b9 will convert old method of editable database text object to new database text object
on the fly - but only saved when opened via edit template/node util)
4. created new job version number for the processor
5. fix issue with database text object not printing correctly from drag and drop mode
6. try to speed up color adjust
7. update color adjust window if color adjust values were saved to image
(note color adjust values should not be set when in ck mode - will mess up the ck)
8. added "set default folder button action for preview images"
removed repeat preview image - and replaced with pref "delete image first"
9. added move to trash option
10. added "create customer info" item under "preview image" button
11. update info texts to 1993-2004

// 6-1-04
// version 11b8
NOTE: For SLRn or SLRc - requires new kodak libs
See "ReadMe.kodak" files for more info
1. allow database to work better with image file names that have no "_" underscore
2. fix tool tip text strings for the CK tool buttons
3. supports kodak 14nx, SLR/n, SLR/c (never tested with SLR/c)
SLR/n and SLR/c require FW v5.0.1 and latest SDKs
4. add color adjust to the top toolbar
5. always use the new adjust toolbar in ck and special one up mode
6. allow 6 digit search in jump to feature of thumbnail window
7. fix set as default in kodak image color balance setting window
8. use new kodak sharpen lib for 3SLR/4SLR/Pro images only
9. try to improve speed of prompt for images

// 05-20-04
// release as v1.9.6
1. fix issues with printing to pg3500 - must set for "NO SIMULTANEOUS TRANSFER"

// 5-15-04
// 5-14-04
version 11b7 tep-x and teps-processor
1. fix random issue with print package button not working
2. fix teps processor issue of missing jobs (had to restart or send new jobs to push out missing ones)
3. make autonode button visible in nav window when adding new node object
4. make set clock function work for all known kodak camera models
5. make capture image command work for all known kodak camera models
6. remove bogus warning message when 'adjust'ing ck template that has no ck object

// 5-11-04
version 11b6 tep-x and teps-processor
version 1.9.5 for teps-printcenter
1. fix copying of processor prefs from v10 to v11
2. fix issue with ck mode and cut-out graphic on nodes on sepia ck template
3. sepia algorithm is not applied to cut-out graphic

// 05-10-07
// release as v1.9.5
1. Improved auto search and manual selection of firmware files for sony printers
2. Added new pref to support debugging by outputting error log to file
3. Changed preferences window to be normal window style (does not deactivate on hide)
4. Try to improve issues with sony scsi transfers

// 5-6-04
version 11b5
1. fix issues redraw issue with CK mode and multiple objects
2. fix issue where template button does no action
3. fix possible crash with CK and step 4 with zoom action
4. allow ability to edit ck template from ck mode only

// 4-30-04
1. create new v11 pref filenames - "TEPS-X v11 Prefs" and "TEPS-PROCESSOR v11 Prefs"
2. "prompt for editable text" does not include database text fields
3. fixed possible crash when deleting all jobs in processor while in current job
(yes- current job will get deleted)
4. fixed problem with CK mode of multiple image and the "adjust" button
5. fix BNDL issue - ie images can be dropped onto tep-x icon to be viewed in preview mode

// 04-27-04
// 04-23-04
1. added print to file sets c and d
2. fix drawing of filename under thumbnail views
3. fix factory default settings for print to file sets
4. do not display how many images copied when doing repeat preview images
5. update drag and drop window when changing sepiatone prefs
6. make "adjust" button active when in CK mode with multiple image/node objects
7. fix "jump to image editor" problem when full ".ext" is not part filename

// 04-22-04
// Teps-X version 11.0b2
// use with Teps PrintCenter v1.9.4
1. fix crashing of teps-x when sending all images all pages in drag and drop to processor

// 04-16-04
// New Teps-X version 11.0b1
// use with Teps PrintCenter v1.9.4
1. add support for new kodak slr camera
2. images edited with photodesk 3.3+ are now read properly thru teps
3. added support to send jobs for kodak 6800 usb2 printer
4. added support to send jobs for mitsubishi cp8000 printer via scsi
5. improved UI for selection of CK template
6. can see thumbnails for each CK template
7. CK templates can now be grouped like the graphics folder
all original CK templates will be moved to folder "~/CHROMAKEY TEMPLATES FOLDER /Default ChromaKey Folder"
8. added support for "print to file set a", "print to file set b"
each canvas item from any printToFileSet can be set to 1 of 4 paths
each of the 4 paths are to be defined in teps-processor