TEPS-2000 Ver 9.xx Read Me
TEPS for OS X Software Notes 11/5/04 NEW Ver X v 10.0 b19 with 1.9.6 Print Center

Warning! The TEPS-2000 preferences will be updated. If your settings are extremely important we recommend you do not replace the original preference file during installation.

Note: You must be using OS 10.2.1 or above.

Please Note: Password default is "TRIPRISM"


// 11-05-04
// release as 10.0b19
1. fix in teps-processor speed of drawing multiple nodes of the same image

// 07-14-04
// release as 10.0b18

// 6-22-04
1. make files draggable to teps app icons
2. changed name of pref "Scan 'Print Jobs Folder' More Often"

// 6-17-04
// Teps version 10.0b17 for scott
1. added to processor pref "Scan for jobs excessively"

// 6-1-04

// 5-14-04
// Teps version 10.0b16
1. fix apply zoom/shift in drag and drop
2. fix random issue with print package button not working
3. fix nav window so that autonode button shows up

// 5-11-04
// Teps version 10.0b15
1. fix teps processor issue of missing jobs (had to restart or send new jobs to push out missing ones)

// 05-20-04
// release as v1.9.6
1. fix issues with printing to pg3500 - must set for "NO SIMULTANEOUS TRANSFER"

// 05-10-04
// release as v1.9.5
1. Improved auto search and manual selection of firmware files for sony printers
2. Added new pref to support debugging by outputting error log to file
3. Changed preferences window to be normal window style (does not deactivate on hide)
4. Try to improve issues with sony scsi transfers

// 4-18-04
// Teps version 10.0b14
1. fix crash when sending all images all pages to processor

// 4-15-04
// Teps version 10.0b13
1. fix sending out job to teps-processer via drag and drop mode (bug since b11)
2. fix issues filename lengths when sending jobs to teps-processor

// 04-12-04
// Teps version 10.0b12
1. fix kodak image files being sent to teps procesor
2. set correct default of new layouts to inches
3. fix memory leak issue with CK and zoom
4. set os print center factory default canvases

// 03-27-04
// Teps version 10.0b11
1. fix problem with kodak .dcr/.tif files and anyother image types on the
same template when zoom/shift is applied
2. remove debug test messages when starting hot folder mode
3. change wording in Teps-Print Center Pref of Teps-Processor app
4. be able to read pc text import files (files must have "text" attribute and/or have ".txt" extension)
(pc transferred files have NO attribute, hence, must make sure filename has ".txt" extension)
5. create support for 'L' for landscape and 'P' for portrait rotation in single, double
6. make group photo tool string show up under tool
7. fix matching of image rotation to CK template in processor
8. start to add support for longer file names for print to file and job files only (output files only)
9. support all/marked images and all pages in CK mode
10. all non image object area is now drawn with transparency attribute
11. added under image menu - remove all
12. added under image menu - delete all
13. fix minor redraw when "auto mark ordered images" is enabled
14. re-grouped printers in print list for better readability
15. group photo now draws using "resize to fit" (ie contrained aspect ratio)
16. filename starting with 'groupphoto" or known group photo file is not used when printing all/marked images
17. cancel button now works when previewing canvases with all/marked images
18. fixed problem with CK mode and customer orders
19. converted resource files
20. fix crashing issue when unable to create info file due to filename too long
21. automark ordered images works again

// 03-27-04
// release as v1.9.3
1. fix text strings referencing old "teps os-x spoolfolder"
2. read job files from non-ascii string path (eg a "" char in folder path name)
3. remove persistent error message if job is not a job file (eg app file or image file)
4. allows firmware upgrades for sony updr100 printers

REQUIRES UPGRADE $$$ in TEPS-X to get these new features:
1. print to mitsubishi cp1000 printer via scsi port
2. print to kodak 6800 usb2 printer

// 02-18-04
// Teps version 10b10
// USE Print Center v1.8.6 (v1.8.5 did not print)
1. add pref "apply embedded profile" in teps colorsync pref
2. fix issue with CK when using step 4 in the zoomed view via the zoom icon
3. allow any file with extension ".txt" to be recognized when importing database
4. set factory default for "match orientation" in print tool bar pref to ON

// 02-17-04
// 10b9
1. make sure save composition as and print to file give same result with images containing embedded profile

// 02-13-04
// 10b8
1. fix potential crash when adjust window and CK tool bar both visible

// 02-11-04
// 10b7
1. force CK tool to show up when entering CK mode for the first time and dropping in new picture
2. default name is set to "Teps Processor Folder " when creating from scratch

// 02-11-04
// release as v1.8.6
1. put back calls to print to mitsu printer
2. put back calls to print to sony printers

// 02-10-04
// release as v1.8.5
1. make upload button work again for sony updr100
2. change utility icon

// 02-09-04
// Teps-X version 10b6
// Teps-Processor version 10b6
// must use with Teps-PrintCenter v1.8.4

1. support printing to mitsubishi printer (must use teps-printcenter v1.8.4)
2. fix issues with compile school log
3. force factory default of start sitting to enter operations window
4. remove test message if hot folder is empty at startup of hot folder start sitting mode

// 02-09-04
// release as v1.8.4
// use with Teps-X 10b6
1. added support for mitsubishi cp8000 printer
only supports cut in half for now or no cut
2. added support for uploading of updr100 firmware
(works with pci scsi board and ratoc adapter)
(did not work with microtech adapter)

// 02-05-04
// Teps-X version 10b5
// Teps-Processor version 10b5
// use with Teps-PrintCenter v1.8.3

1. fix FG chooser printer of multipage prints (worked fine in BG)
2. fix omission of all objects after new group photo objects when printing to file or printer or chooser
3. fix initialization of transparency flag when adding new node object in template

// 1-30-04
// next version 10b4
// Teps-X version 10.0b4
// Teps-Processor version 10.0b4
// use with Teps-PrintCenter v1.8.3

1. fix pref issue with unused updr100 canvases (eg not getting correct cut prefs)
2. fix print all orders from main menu (eg claiming no images after the first time)
3. use the same mechanism to draw template with same images from orders sent via main menu
4. fix transparent redraw of nodes - added new pref to node object
5. added 5th option - date/time stamped name for print-to-file basename (help out rasterPlus software)
6. fix issues with compile school log - missing some images
7. fix database pref of yearbook template
8. fix kodak images that allows custom looks (eg 14n)
9. try to take advantage of dual processor - better resizing, redraw
10. improve drawing of thumbnail views
11. use quicktime to read thumbnail - ?????????? does it work with jaguar????
12. fix editable text issue reverting to last saved text (daniel tom)
13. try to fix redraw issue when dock left opened on the left side
14. fix compile school log orders
15. fix problem with pref button going to wrong items
16. removed internet prefs and disabled preview with email option

// Teps-PrintCenter v1.8.3
1. kodak prints works correctly without crashing

// 1-15-04
// Teps-X version 10.0b3
// Teps-Processor version 10.0b3
// Teps-PrintCenter version 1.8.1

- uses CW9 compiler
- uses updated macapp framework 5.1.1
- requires 1.8.1 of Teps-PrintCenter

1. allow chooser prints to go thru teps-spooler.
2. customer database mode in start sitting
3. auto change of group photos
4. implement new method of handling large volume of jobs in the spooler (improves speed)
5. fix chooser to save last page and print configurations
eg - remembers color settings set thru chooser print dialog
6. fix bug that did not immediately save the crop setting after hitting cmd-2 or cmd-3 in start sitting with customer order mode
7. chromakey mode will use 2nd crop pref to do second crop when needed
8. color adj values are saved along with zoom/shift/crop
9. in chromakey mode, cmd-double-click zooms in with chromakey - not just image
10. in special one up mode, cmd-double-click zooms in with that special one up setup
11. added prefs for updr100 to cut paper in half and force to match specific paper size/type
12. option to turn on filename w/wo ext under thumbnail views
13. set factory default for updr100 and upd50
14. added yearbook photo compilation (tag image as special photo2)

Teps-PrintCenter v1.8.1
1. creates "Teps-PrintCenterLog.txt" file for debugging purpose. (gets deleted at start of each launch)
2. apple-A selects all jobs (must activate jobs view first)
all jobs can be deleted this way.
3. fix out-of-sequence prints.

// 12-1-03
// version 9.9b103
1. added pref that will delete contents of hot folder during a sitting
(hope to improve speed esp with canon remote capture)
2. show volume and folder name of hot folder in status window

// 11-21-03
// version 9.9b102 FOR GREGG GREENBERG TO TEST
1. try to fix acquire speed for nikon camera
2. added new menu item "camera hot folder" to delete hot folder contents
(menu title is derived from name of camera set in input prefs for camera hot folder mode)
menu item is used when aquiring of images from hot folder seems too slow.

// 11-19-03
// version 9.9b101
1. make the volume and folder names show correctly teps-processor prefs
2. try to fix saving/loading of aliashandles (ie paths) in prefs
3. fix auto shrink-to-fit text function (allow font size to be 0 or when rectangle is smaller than text)
4. fix redraw of editable text in drag and drop mode

// 11-10-03
// verison 9.9b100
1. try to improve speed issues with hot folder mode esp with canon cameras
2. try to fix crashing problems with kodak 1394 tiff cameras

// 11-07-03
// version 9.9b89
1. fix teps-processor (only) speed issue with canon remote app running
2. reroute "" url to ""
3. allow teps-processor to respond to apple quit event IF NO jobs are running or IF paused

// 10-30-03
// version 9.9b88
1. fix problem with printing packages that contain editable text (esp in nodes)
2. give warning message if print job file is newer or older than current version
3. fix conflict between jump to image editor and jump to backup app
4. make better check of backup to cd script process
(ADDED SCRIPT CALLED: "Quit Backup App Script" )

// 10-21-03
// verison 9.9b87
1. fixes deleting folders contents when the invisible .ds_store file is present
2. fixes drawing issues of rotated editable text

// 10-16-03
// version 9.9b86 final
1. changed names of scripts for backup cd process to:
Launch Backup App Script (forces toast app to be launched first)
Write To CD Script (modified script to quit toast if user cancels)

// 10-16-03
// version 9.9b86
1. launch the backup app via a script instead of installer created alias
2. forces the redraw of the kiosk window (if shown) to be top-most float window
3. disable the resize button from the kiosk window
4. fix the speed of the zoom redraw in special one up mode

// 10-15-03
// version 9.9b85
1. fix save and load of print to file prefs in BG and FG
2. Displays the Kodak Color Balance window (as OS9 did) when converting kodak files and not entering the Operations Window.

// 9-24-03
// version 9.9b84
1. work around canon remote software's problem with NOT hiding temp files
2. fix customer order window info when "enable customer order mode" pref is OFF

// 9-9-03
// version 9.9b83
1. put back menu item for kodak pdc camera control to grab image from teps
2. camera control menu item is installed when entering kodak direct connect start sitting mode
3. change short cut to grab image to apple-R (used to be apple-3)

// v1.7test17
// 9-9-03
1. changed 'cancel' toolbar item to 'delete' function
2. added pg4500 to print like pg4000 (never test with actual pg4500 printer)
3. for sony printer, preserve lamination set in printer when NOT using teps upd printer settings
(used to be forced ON)

// 9-5-03
// version 9.9b82

1. allow kodak pdc camera body to sync date/time with mac from kodak util window
2. change search order for kodak pdc camera then the pro-cameras
3. clear kodak camera buffer after image is acquired
4. fix drawing issue with customer summary order
5. fix redraw issue with main menu after NOT finding a camera
6. fix autolaunch issues when selecting camera app
7. added auto-delete sitting folders older than x-number of days (2 pref is under teps prefs/operations window
8. give warning if needed folders not found at startup of teps-x

// 8-8-03
// version 9.9b81
(requires PDC_SDK_CARBON.Lib v2.1.1.3)
KodakDCSProBackCarbonLib v2.1.1.3
KodakDCSPro4SLRCarbonLib v1.0.1.5
KodakDCSPro3SLRCarbonLib v2.1.1.3
PDC_SDK_CARBON.Lib v2.1.1.3
1. try to improve speed of recognizing new images in hot folder mode
2. for PDC_SDK_CARBON.lib supported cameras (315,330, and et al)
fix acquire of multiple shot images to memory of camera body
fix acquire of images after many shots
fix quasi-lockup of camera body
3. allow search for all kodak pro cameras (masked out by accident in b80)

// 7-29-03
// version 9.9b80
1. added sepiatone conversion and associated prefs/views to nostalgia-x app
2. allow sepia conversion option to be available to individual node as well as to entire canvas
3. fix white lines when drawing nodes and background color
3. fix crash when previewing kodak .dcr images

// 7-18-03
// version 9.9b79
1. changed sepiatone conversion algorithm for testing
2. set factory default values for sepiatone algorithm in pref
3. fix slow dragging and zooming in special one up mode

// 7-3-03
// version 9.9b78
// really fix #1 of b77
// ie teps-processor will check for "TEPS" in prefix of processor folder name to determine if valid name or not

// 7-1-03
// version b77
1. teps-processor will check for "TEPS" in prefix of processor folder name to determine if valid name or not
2. make sure pg3500 settings are written to pref file

// v1.7test16
// 7-1-03
1. get Fuji pg3500 to print

// 6-25-03
// version b76
1. make older kodak firewire camera (DCS330, 620...) work tethered from teps
(requires PDC_SDK_CARBON.Lib v2.1.1b6.9)
2. speed up redraw of thumbnail window when 'remove after printing' is enabled
(especially if after printing a canvas with All images or Lots of Marked images)
3. fix issue with erroneous index number and/or images in the thumbnail window after clicking
on the scroll foward [>>] or scroll back [<<] buttons
4. when saving to cropped images folder, save crop info and zero out shift/zoom info to cropped files

// 6-23-03
// version b75
1. allow prompt to save to operate when in camera mode (not pc-card mode)
2. fix issues with saving kodak color settings
3. added warning dialog when user clicks on "set as default" in kodak setting window
4. fix issues with images not showing up in camera hot folder mode with prompt to save on
5. use bilinear resizing when loading images into the image preview window
6. retain the at capture camera settings when reading in new kodak images from pc-card copy
7. allow folder of images to dropped onto the teps-x icon
8. allow kodak images (.dcr) on pc-cards to be droppable onto teps-x icon
9. fix url site when user clicks on "Triprism Online" menu item under "Teps-X"
10. use correct Nostalgia-X logo for Nostalgia-X build
11. fix possible memory corruption when loading preview image
12. fix issues with external video monitor and start sitting (tethered kodak and camera hot folder)

// 6-18-03
// version b74
1. fix acquire/display issues when external video monitor option is enabled
2. fix resume sitting folder (that contains images) to load into thumbnail view in start sitting
3. fix bad acquire of 760 preview image from camera body (not supported for now)
4. get camera hot folder to show new images when external video option is enabled
5. previews of acquired images on external video monitor work in all modes except drag n drop for now
6. do not allow prompt to save for pc-card start sitting mode

// v1.7test15
1. do not send to printer if printer not ready (accidental debug left behind from test14)

// v1.7test14
1. try to fix VM leaks
2. do not use file mapping when reading jobs

// v1.7test13
// 6-6-03
1. do not use sony printers' internal rotation feature. rotate first, if needed
2. suppress error message for upd5500 initialization sequence

// 5-30-03
// version b72

1. fix 14n rotation in high res mode
2. added "stop queue" button when a job fails - teps-processor
3. fix kodak 660 rotation issue in teps processor
4. fix templates with multi-image objects of the same image with different set res
5. added 3rd col when selecting colorsync profiles to profile type
6. made sure that temp files are written and flushed to hard disk before being renamed to the "jobs to be printed folder"
7. fix issues with loading marked images when "unmark after printing" is checked on
8. make stamps do auto-refit like the editable text field
9. udr100 job files are saved to "jobs to be printed" folder as portrait orientation
10. show correct idle status after resuming teps-processor
11. do not show progress window with slide show in preview image window
12. prevent 2nd slide control window from ever being shown
13. fix erroneous message when creating auto node and not saving it

// v1.7test12
// 5-28-03
// check for possible nil pointers

// v1.7test11
// 5-27-03
// fix 8660 driver to print check correct status from printer

// v1.7test10
// 5-23-03
// fix minor sony error checks
// show color adj info in log for sony printer
// fix issue with sony color adj command with firewire-to-scsi adapter
// all sony commands uses group 0 scsi code

// 5-19-03
// version b71
1. try to speed up 14n acquire time
2. allow 14n camera to grab more than 2 images in camera buffer

// v1.7test9
// 5-16-03
// added more preferences to debug printing problems
// - send job one at a time or one to each printer
// - enable/disable dual buffer mode
// - enable/disable thread lock mechanism
// revamp entire sony printing method
// fix possible erroroneous crash to no-where-land
// fix printing to sony updr100 with 3x5 paper
// fix minor issues when checking for kodak printers

// 5-16-03
// version b70

1. fix pref so that default ext for jpeg is ".jpg"
2. use thumbnail or preview image for image object in teps-processor
3. fix problems with reading from pc-card source when there was invalid file or subfolder
4. fix 14n color balance window
5. force updr100 jobs to be portrait format (should speed up transfer time to printer)
6. fix duplicate filename issues; "copy" before the ext
7. processor can display thumbnails of jobs in the queue
8. customer order file is not a mode, but a checkbox feature

// 4-30-03
// version b66
1. fix possible resolution problem with custom crop ratio size

// 4-30-03
// version b65
1. fix unnecessary reads in teps-processor
2. fix crop mark issue - say 8x12
3. fix sending print jobs of marked images

// Teps-Print Center v1.7.0
// 4-24-03
1. Fixes problems finding Kodak Printers.

// Teps-Print Center v1.6.9
// 4-18-03
1. Fixed multiple printers on a single SCSI bus. Works with 2930 & 1480 cards.

// Teps-X v9.9b59
// Teps-Processor v9.9b59
// 4-16-03
1. fix problem with reading canon images in hot folder mode (if canon g3 does the auto rotation)
2. only try to eject source volume if in file start sitting
3. fix drawing of thumbnail for 1ds (always even pixels)
4. fix chromakey adj in zoomed view
5. fixed minor window/view appearances
6. fix potential crash in preview sitting mode

// Nostalgia-Processor
// 4-16-03
1. fix crash when selecting old "print spooler" prefs -> renamed to "teps-processor"

// Teps-Print Center v1.6.8
// 4-7-03
1. fix crash or lockup of non-printer scsi devices (esp with canon 1ds)
2. fix possible jobs printing out of sequence after resuming print center
3. fix firewire to scsi devices not returning proper task status (for ratoc)
4. add bus specific locks on devices connected to multiple buses (eg 2printers on 2-2930s)

// 4-1-03
// release Teps-X v9.9b58
// release Teps-Processor v9.9b58
1. do not use additional number when using image name for print to file name
2. add menu option auto change layout size
3. fix zoom/shift from special one up when source and destination aspect ratio are the same

// 3-27-03
// release as Tepx-X v9.9b57

1. fix problem with deleting non-empty folders.
smb mounted drives on os-x may create the hidden .ds_store file in folder(s)
2. fix jobs that seem to be processed out of order.
occurred only when all images canvas option is selected.
jobs were sent in sequential order. however in os-x job files are written too fast
that all jobs could have the exact date/time stamp.
3. fix problem when there is no resource fork in graphic file.
4. fix erroneous crop ratio value written to job. crop ratio in teps-x preview
looked different when teps-processor handles the composition
5. fix dark or icon when saving files - such as save composition as...
6. change/update window titles, button labels, and prefs labels
7. improve speed of shifting and zooming in/out of image in chromakey mode.
chromakey is done when mouse/button is released
8. fix zooming/shift with crop ratio in special one up

// 3-13-03
// release as Teps-X v9.9b56
// release as Teps-Processor v9.9b56
// release as Teps-Print Center v1.6.6
1. stop chooser printing from giving erroroneous warning message of invalid size to be printed
2. fix incorrect zoom/crop rect when crop mark is on custom

Sepiatone - added new logo

// 3-6-03
released for sepiatone
1. print correctly to kodak 5x7 media (8657/8660/8650)

// 3-5-03
dual buffer flag is carried through teps-print center (still ignored for now)

(version used at pma)
1. added shipping&handling field to customer order
2. added sales tax field
3. prefs to allow auto marking of images that have an order associated with it
4. fix multi-float-windows in school photo mode

built sepiatone version as well
1. built New SepiaTone Built from this version
2. for sepiatone - dim chromakey item in drag-n-drop menu
3. for sepiatone - change to sepiatone logo
4. for sepiatone - allow only sony upd70 and chooser
5. for sepiatone - do not allow editing of template and nodes

// 2-26-03
released with new logos
released with Teps-Print Center v1.6.4
1. added order summary feature for school photo mode
2. fix apply to all for kodak tiff (when other non-kodak images in thumbnail view, crashes)
3. fixed bug that caused crash when shifting image out of view in 4-up mode
4. set default spool folder to "Jobs To Be Printed" folder in the os-x spool folder
5. will create new pref file in "Teps Preferences" and reading in from older version (b32)

// 2-24-03
changed names of teps apps
teps-2000 => teps-x
teps-spooler => teps-processor
printerSpooler => teps-print center

1. fix bug that did not make prompt for images work the first time
2. make school photo mode work correctly
3. if "do not delete hot folder" on, then do not allow school photo mode
4. remove "keep thumbnail in memory" pref (always in memory)
5. make chooser printing work in school mode

// 2-11-03
// printerSpooler v1.6.3
1. fix to make Printer Spooler print to both Kodak and Sony printers again.

// 2-7-03
// tepsForOS-X - v9.9b32
// fix sharpness of image when not in drag and drop mode nor chromakeying mode

// 2-7-03
// tepsForOSX - v9.9b31
1. fix drawing of preview in single one up mode

// printerSpooler v1.6.2
1. support delete printed files on exit pref

//printerSpooler v1.6
1. fix print quantity for sony updr100
2. supports 8660 - works with both 2930 card and firewire to scsi adaptor
3. supports 8600 - works with microtech firewire to scsi adaptor only
8600 does NOT work with 2930 card for some reason
(need to have some one confirm if 8600 prints color corrrectly or not
no more media here)

//tepsForOSX - v9.9b30
- implements new method of cropping!!!!!!!!
there are now two cropping prefs.
one for one we see onscreen and one for page layout itself
and yes, cropping effect is cumulative
- fixes issues with pc-cards from fuji cameras
- thumbnails now build one at a time again in operations window
- allows image tool bar to show up in dragAndDrop even if kiosk window pref is checked on
- gives warning messages if app attempts to delete teps folders such as nodes and templates and graphics
- fix bug with kodak pro file if file did NOT end with .dcr
- fix slider bar issue with kodak color balance window
- fixes saving of auto nodes
- speed up select all in setting up template or node
- fix tiff files to retain correct dpi when jumping to image editor
- fix cache file so dpi and size info are saved
- in graphics utils, if re-build cache, thumbnails are re-built too

//tepsForOSX - v9.9b23
released earlier for jan 03 trade show
changed to newer icons

//tepsForOSX - v9.9b22
released earlier for jan 03 trade show
fixes speed of chromakeying in spooler without having to uncheck spool in bg.

// 12-10-02
// v9.9b21 teps and spooler
// v1.5.5 printerSpooler
- fixes problem in creating chroma key templates

// 12-06-02
// v9.9b20 teps and spooler
// v1.5.5 printerSpooler
- pad print to file names with 4digits
- fill in correct editable text after sending job and removing images after printing
- allow drag and drop to fill clear template properly after printing so
that next current image will fill in all nodes

// 12-05-02
// v9.9b19 teps and spooler
// v1.5.5 printerSpooler
// =========================
- fix printing of editable text (before - preview was ok but print and print to file were not)
- saves to backup folder following thumbnail orientation
- allow 4digits for aspect ratio
- create better thumbnails when large size is used

// 11-21-02
// v9.9b18 teps and spooler
// v1.5.5 printerSpooler
// =========================
// Note: there is a new backup script that will work for toast 5.2 (os-x vers)

- able to read v9.4 job files
- fix minor redraw problem in operations window
- fix erroneous hiliting of objects in laying out node/template
- fix unwanted quitting of app when saving template/node
- fix proper display of current printer in print tool bar window after exiting prefs

// 11-17-02
// v9.9b17 - teps and spooler
// v1.5.5 printerSpooler
// ===========================

new stuff
1. work with network key
2. ability to open kodak .tif images (requires new lib in app folder)
3. support noise reduction mode for supported kodak images
4. produce better thumbnail quality and speed with images without pnots
5. old templates and old nodes are converted on the fly.old ones are copied into corresponding "old" folder
6. support for group photos
-user need to tag graphic files as group photo when defining template)
- when creating template for group photo, use the file graphic object and set the "group photo" option
and then apply
7. in special one-up mode, the graphic+image is treated as one new image and fit to the template layout
8. added option to auto-create node on the fly by holding down option key.
9. in drag and drop, select image object, then apple-drag moves from one image box to another
cursor will change
10. in drag and drop, select image object, then apple-option-drag copies image to another box
cursor will change
11. add option to print toolbar prefs to match orientation of image to template
12. add option to save as targa file format but at 72 dpi
13. added option to when stamping filename to swap two comma delimited fields in filename
eg: "lastname, firstname_001.jpg" ==> print out as ==> "firstname lastname"
extension is forced hidden

bug fixes
- old database graphic object(s) are removed when converted to new template/node files
- fix redraw of overlay in drag and drop mode
- fix bug where images were not loading into special one up or new one up until
user switched mode
- allow border width match when previewing in operations window and when outputting
to printer or file
- fix matching zoom and shift when printing vs when previewing
- fix zooming out issue from operation window
- fix jump to image number from thumbnail view (not jump to image editor)
- fix crash when page up in drag and drop
- fix too many files open problem
- fix so that only one image object is allowed in node

// 11-8-02
// release as
// teps2000Carbon v9.9b16
// tepsSpoolerCarbon v9.9b16
// v1.5 for printerSpooler v1.5

PrinterSpooler v1.5
- work with new firewire to scsi adapters
- still prints with dual buffer on
(does NOT solve dual updr100 on single pci/scsi bus)
(does NOT scan to next printer yet for dual buffer printers)
- does NOT crash when invalid job file is encountered

Teps2000Carbon v9.9b16
- warn if newer template/node files encountered
- remove 'locate' button in second window for start sitting
- fix rotation drawing in spooler - fg was sending wrong value

// 10-28-02
// release as
// Teps2000Carbon v9.9b15

must use new version of printerSpooler v1.3 and higher

- try to speed up of loading up of thumbnails (esp in multitude) when starting in drag and drop mode

Support for OS 10.2.1
New added Print Spooler to allow you to have images composed while send jobs to the printer. Allow your jobs to be continue to be processed with out having the spooler pausing waiting for next available printer.
Supports Sony printers, Print Center printers and Print to File.
Kodak, Fuji printers are being updated now. Should be soon