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TriPrism, Inc. offers solutions for digital imaging customers through integration of the best imaging products from each manufacturer coupled with optimized software from TriPrism.

TriPrism is the unmatched leader in providing system integration, engineering services, and custom software for Apple/Macintosh-based digital photography solutions. Established, longtime relationships with such digital imaging giants as Sony, Kodak, and Fuji has positioned TriPrism to provide the greatest flexibility and broadest choice of systems integration options to photographers in every market segment.

TriPrisms’ unique software package, TEPS-X allows customers to acquire images quickly, customize them with graphic overlays and text, and print an array of template packages (1-8x10, 2-5x7s, 8 wallets) automatically in the background. Ultimately, TriPrisms’ software enhances workflow, delivers new products and services, and adds value to the finished product. Consequently, operators do not need to be computer experts to use TriPrisms’ solutions and they can start making money immediately.

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