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TEPS-X Share

TEPS-X Share is a Portrait and Event workflow software designed for serious photographers.

Extend the capabilities of TEPS


Allows use of iPads and other tablet devices for viewing/printing images and email registration.


File management application and unique bar code processing; can be used with most digital cameras.


Enables video and audio capture either stand-alone or the ability to interface with TEPS.

Beyond the Sale: Photo Hosting

PT CheckOut

Branded microsite that allows you to sell your images (digitial and print) online after your event.

PT MicroSite

Branded microsite that allows digital image and video fulfillment to replace USB's, CD's and DVD’s

Let us help you

TriPrism will provide its considerable expertise in digital photography solutions gained through over 25 years of experience in the industry. Essentially, TriPrism will be your imaging partner, assisting you in making your workflow software more efficient, and your operation more profitable.